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Jake & Thomas
Thomas Rainbow Bridge June 26, 2003
Jake Rainbow Bridge October 3, 2005

Update: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 

Anyway....Jake (dd) For those of you who don't know us, 
Jake posed for the lip testing photo's on www.petdiabetes.com site 


He is coming up to his 5th year anniversary in August and is 12 now.
He's is still a very happy boy despite going blind in December 2004. 
He's a smart boy too and soon learned how to cope with his vision loss. 
The ophthalmologist thought his cataracts were age rather than diabetes 
related since his sight loss has been very gradual (3yrs +)
He can see variations in light but that is all.... 
He had Horners syndrome last year but that spontaneously reverted 
(thank doG)
He seems to losing muscle around his back end though...
I guess he is getting old now *sighs* 

I am keeping busy...full time job, part time degree..
head cook and bottle washer n all that! Lol 

I'll try not to leave it so long before posting again  :-)

Gill and Jake (dd)

Jake's Photo Album


 Memorial Page for Thomas
At 14.10 British Summer Time
June 26, 2003
Rainbow Bridge

It's been a long hard day at work!
Homeward Bound!

It's been a hard day Mom...time for a sleep!

Jake poses for blood testing - Click Here!

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