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Original Information Received from Debbie in 2002
4 year old American Eskimo Dog that was diagnosed with
diabetes 6 weeks after having a litter of puppies in September, 2001
4.0 units of Humulin N a.m. and 3.75 units p.m
Food: canned W/D except when she gets tired of it. 
Then she eats Cycle Lite by Skippy
(same fiber and fat content as W/D)
Spayed on July 5, 2002
She developed cataracts shortly after her diagnosis, but
at present, is still able to see out of one eye, and shadows out of the
other eye.  She has seen the opthalmologist twice.  I am very careful with Ivory 
and check her bg prior to each dose of insulin

Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003
Hi all,
Today we are celebrating Ivory's second year with diabetes.  She is doing
fine.  She has cataracts, but can still see a little.  

Update! Update! Update!
Friday, November 9, 2007

Judy asked me to post about myself and my beloved Ivory.  Ivory became diabetic in 1991 after whelping a litter of puppies.  It was devastating to me as I had great hopes for her and her puppies.  Prior to whelping the litter  Ivory became an AKC Champion and a UKC Grand Champion. Ivory's puppies were fine and I kept her daughter Glory who is an AKC CH/UKC GR CH also.

Ivory is a very brittle diabetic and was very hard to regulate at first. Thankfully, since I am a registered medical technologist, I was able to check her blood and do my own curves.  I finally succeeded in regulating her after about 6 months.

Ivory and I have had our ups and downs over the last 6 years.  At present, she is a healthy 27 pounds and her BS this morning was 168.  At times she can be a picky eater, so I keep 2 foods in the house.  She eats either Purina DCO or Science Diet WD or a combination of both.

I am diligent in her care and still check her blood twice daily before feedings and shots.   I do this because I am anal about it as well as it is easy for me since my previous profession entailed drawing blood from people.

I am a firm believer that diabetes is not a death sentence, it is a disease.  With proper treatment and care a pet can live a long and happy life.

Ivory did develop diabetic cataracts within 4 weeks of diagnosis, but she still has marginal sight and makes it around the house and yard just fine.  When I take her with me to shows, I keep her leash close and guide her.  If you saw her in our backyard, you would never believe her sight was compromised.

Ivory was on Humulin N, 4.5 IU twice a day.   Due to the cost, I have just switched to the generic insulin Novolin N that you can get from any Wal Mart.  She is doing fine on it and it is half the cost of Humulin.

Due to Ivory's disease, she and I are very close.  I know the disease or the complications thereof will take her some day.  I just hope it is a long, long time.

Debbie and Ivory (dd dx 9/01)

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