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What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?

Hoover changed our lives on  May 1, 1993.  Only five weeks old, he was chosen from a litter of thirteen.  A fur ball weighing in at 14 pounds, he was the cutest puppy we had ever seen!.  Of course that was the last of the “tiny thing”, taking  him in for a shot (Parvo) once a month, his weight seemed to double at each visit until he reached 142 pounds.

At seven months he became our bionic dog.  While preparing to put up our Christmas tree, Hoover broke his front leg.  We had a pin put in his break and resumed our life.  Two weeks after his front leg was broken, he fell down some stairs (a guest inadvertently left the door open) and broke the large bone in his back leg.  He now has a plate in his back leg, and everything ended up healing very well.  He has never had any pain from these breaks and he does not limp.

Hoover is the brightest dog we have ever had, good natured and so loveable.  He is almost human at times.  You could swear that he understands everything you discuss with him!  He was smart enough to stay healthy, until he was diagnosed with diabetes on August 24, 2000. At diagnosis, he had lost approximately 25 pounds in less than three weeks. His back legs were weak, he wasn’t eating and drank water constantly.  Not knowing the symptoms of diabetes, I have always felt badly that I let him get so sick before it was caught.  He has always had some arthritis in his back legs and our area is very hot in August.  I was attributing the symptoms to those things.

He is now blind but gets around very well. He has always been a house dog, so we just don’t change our furniture around or leave anything around he can trip over.  When I walk him I tell him when we are approaching a curb.  He is sub-human anyway, so I know he understands.  When it is shot time I tell him and he simply comes over to the rug, sits and waits until he has had his shot.  When the Vet does a blood curve he holds up his front paw for them to take the blood sample from his leg vein.  He has adapted very well.  I don’t know if he will ever be regulated, but we work on it constantly. He is the center of our very much loved Rottwiler.

Donna & Hoover

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