What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!
Hiker is a 12-ish year old l’hasa apso mix, found trotting along a busy street with no collar and no chip, hence the name “Hiker” from “hitchhiker.”  He was sticky from skin allergies, and his right eye was gummed over from “dry eye syndrome.”  He would have been hit by a car if I didn’t pick him up.  He joined our family of me, George and two other dogs, Robbie the golden (adopted at age two, now a beautiful 11) and Daisy the border collie/shepherd mix (adopted at ? age 10-12, 3 years ago – Daisy was found in a ditch with a broken hip, has had two cancer surgeries and is doing great although her cataracts are going to need fixing soon). 

Hiker was diagnosed with diabetes about 6 weeks ago.  He’s not regulated yet, mostly because of the lack of knowledge on diabetes by my vets and me, but we’re getting him there.  We almost lost him because his diabetes went undiagnosed, but he’s a tough little guy and he’s back to bossing everyone around. 

Marianna & Hiker

Meet Hiker's Furry Family



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