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Hershey and Jagger

This is my Hershey's story: 
It all began with her mother, Jagger. Jagger is a black and rust miniature pinscher who I got 
from a friend of mine. Jagger is now 10 years old and back then I just wasn't thinking about
adoption and rescue, etc. I wanted to give Jagger a playmate, so I bred my Jagger girl.
Jagger had 7 puppies, and some of them were chocolate, which I wanted, so I kept the chubby 
little girl and named her Hershey, for obvious  reasons, LOL. Ok, so Hershey was born on
October 28, 1995. I helped to deliver her, Jagger was having a few problems in the beginning, 
but then did fine. Well, as Hershey grew to be a little chubby puppy, both dogs used to play 
and run in my fenced back yard. One thing that happened to Hershey when she was about 6
months old was, she is so nosey anyway, and somehow, she got caught in between the house 
and the fence and there was a piece of the fence that cut her ear. Well, I didn't know
it until I see bloody footprints on the kitchen floor, where they were coming in and out from their 
doggy door. Well, when I figured out it was Hershey, and it was her ear, she was put into the sink,
and I am trying to stop the bleeding. Nothing worked. I even had that styptic stuff and forget it, it 
wouldn't stop, and everytime she shook her head, well, blood all over everything. Ok, well, I have 
to rush to the vet about 30 min away, with Hershey's head wrapped in a white towel. Here I am 
speeding to the vet and the towel keeps coming off her head, and she shakes and blood,all over 
my brother's new car, that I was borrowing. So... at each traffic light I am trying to put the towel
back on. I get to the vet. He sedates her, lightly, and tries to sew up her ear. It wouldn't stay,
the cut was too jagged. So, he had to cut part of her ear off, then sew it correctly. Of course,
I am a wreck. Well, usually miniature pinschers have their ears done so they stand up, 
but I didnt do that to Hershey and her littermates, only got the tail docked. And also, 
Hershey's ears stand up on their own, sometimes, and sometimes they just flop. 
Anyway, I leave the vet with Hershey all sewn up and of course she was wearing the
fashionable E-Collar so she wouldn't rip out the stitches. Well, everything with that went fine,
and to this day, she has one ear shorter than the other, but ya really can't notice it unless you
REALLY look for it. But who cares, at least she was fine after it. Me?? 
I was a nervous wreck!! 

Anyway as the years went on we moved and now we are in an apartment. 
More of a villa type so we dont have anyone above us, and we have a nice courtyard where it is
very private and that is where Hershey loves to hang out. But she likes to also bark at anything, 
so when she starts to bark, she must come in. I dont have the luxury of a doggie door anymore,
unfortunately, so when it is potty time, both dogs must be taken on a leash, but we have been
here 4 yrs now and we're used to it. One week, in May, 2001, I noticed that Hershey was peeing 
a  lot in the house, on the carpet, and drinking a lot of water. I have a friend who I email alot and
casually mentioned it to her, and she rescues dogs and has a diabetic dog, so she said to me, 
Denise, you should get this checked out by the vet, it sounds like she is diabetic.  I was so upset, 
and thought, no it couldn't be that. But I did make the appt. for the next day and Hershey's
blood sugar was almost 700!!!  I got so scared that she would die, the vet had to calm me down,
and so then I listened to him and what I was supposed to do. First of all, for that first week I
remember that I took her to the vet 2 x a day, once fasting and the other around dinner time. 
That was for the vet to check her and see what was happening.Well, I have gotten a lot less 
nervous now, but of course I still worry alot about my Hershey. This has changed my life a lot. 
My day revolves around Hershey and her food and shots. If I have to go anywhere and 
I know in advance I won't be home in time, I have to get someone over here to help out.
Now, I do have a few people who help me out, which is great.

Hershey is currently on 8 units of Humulin N insulin 2 x daily. 
She eats Hills Rx diet RD and gets 3/4 of a cup of dry food,
mixed with 1/4 cup of the canned RD 2 x daily. 
The vet recently added a chromium pill, which I mix in her food( try to hide it)
and she gets that in the morning meal, and in the evening meal,
she now gets 1/4 of a piece of cow pancreas, 
frozen cut up and mixed into the food. It sounds gross,
and at first it was gross cutting up the pieces, 
but it is helping Hershey and that is all that matters. 
She gets her shots at her meals, while her head is in the dog bowl.
LOL Otherwise she fusses at me and I have a hard time giving her the shots. 

Hershey is doing pretty good right now. We have had some minor problems along the way, 
which is understandable, but for now, things are ok. I am glad of that. Jagger is ten yrs old, 
Hershey will be  7 years old next month, October 28th.  I am grateful that both dogs are NOT
diabetic, but Jagger has pancreatitis, and now takes an enzyme with meals, and it has worked,
but yesterday she had such a terrible bout of pancreatitis, and she was just in so much
pain and miserable, so I just stayed home, and cancelled 2 appts, that I had for ME, 
and rested with both of my fur babies all day. Now today, Jagger is alot better, thank goodness. 

I want to add that if I hadn't found the website,
it would have been alot harder to adjust to having a special needs furkid. 
Everyone has helped me so much whether it just be a few uplifting words,
or even financial help or supplies sent to me, because I am on disability,
and on top of me having my own problems, it is so hard to deal 
with Hershey and Jagger's problems also. 

I love my 2 furbabies and I love everyone on the email lists that I belong too! 
I just don't know what I would do without the website and my furkids!!!

Well, thanks for listening to Hershey and Jagger's stories.
Denise, Jagger(ndd)Female, pancreatitis
10yrs old,&Hershey Female(dd)diag.05-02 6yrs
both dogs are minpins

There has been a wedding
Denise's Daughter has got married.
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Denise and Her Mom

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