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Rainbow Bridge - March 20th, 2006

Herman is getting a feeding tube inserted this afternoon, and will be at the vet's overnight. 
I'll be picking him up tomorrow afternoon and trying to help him with this thing. If it doesn't 
work, and he doesn't eat, then we're at the end of the road. I'm keeping all things possible 
crossed, that he'll eat on his own in the near future.

We adopted Herman about 10 years ago as a rescue. He had been tossed over the fence
frost bitten and starving. I picked him up with Rascal(ndc) a few days before Christmas.
I was told that he was going to be euthanised that weekend. Anyway, he and Rascal 
managed to hurt their legs in the first few days after being cooped up in their cages for 
so long. Once he settled in, he was the ruler of the house. He taught that to Snookums 
when she arrived 6 months later.

He developed diabetes over 4 years ago. He was losing weight rapidly and drinking tons of
water. He was put on pork insulin but sent home with humulin u. The vet didn't know much 
about diabetes, and is learning along with me. He had neuropathy for about four months, and 
then with the increase insulin that finally disappeared. He was switched to Caninsulin and 
stabilized at 3.5 units until this fall. He is now on 2 units twice a day.

After being hypo and then not walking, and now these ulcers,
I can only hope that the worst is over and we will have a healthy Herman for this Christmas.

Dogs think they are humans. Cats know they are gods.

 Update June of 2003
 Herman recovered in time to have a wonderful Christmas and is now enjoying 
sitting outside in the sunshine on warm days. He even gets after the girls when he's 
feeling frisky. His last fructosomine test was excellent; so, we're looking forward to
some more great times with our boy.

Meet the Rest of Herman's Loving Family!

Rascal(the tortoise shell) 
gives the best head butts in the world, 
and boy can she vibrate that little tail of hers!
Snookums is our sweetie and the
most gentle cat in the world. She has 
recovered from a bout of fatty liver 
syndrome and is back up in weight.
Barb sitting on a statue in Honolulu on
the expensive part of their shopping district. 
Loved the weather!!
Dianne is my sister. 
She gives Herman his shots 
and feeds all our lovely felines.

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