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Linda, Larry, Heidi & Crosby

Heidi and Crosby were born on June 16th, 1991.  After losing another
Mini-Schnauzer to Lymphoma, I told my husband no more pets, the pain of
losing them is just to much, but my husband was a firefighter at the time and
worked 24 hr. shifts, so I was home alone nights and was lonely.  I saw an
ad in the paper for Mini-Schnauzers and that was all it took.  We decided to
get two puppies this time to keep each other company while we were gone.
We decided on two females (Heidi and Holly) well, the day we went to get
them there was only one female left, we knew though we still wanted two
puppies.  One little male would come up to my husband then run back to the
rest of the litter, he did this a couple of times, that was the one we knew would
be coming home with us and his sister Heidi Samantha.  On the way home I
named him Crosby TJ Maxwell, (TJ for Tyler Jr. our much loved Mini who had
passed away only 3 months earlier, and Maxwell, his Daddy’s name.  Heidi
and Crosby are best buddies.  They love each other, but do have their fights
once in awhile like any other brother and sister.

Heidi was diagnosed with diabetes on Dec. 22, 1998. Not a very
happy Christmas that year.  Like everyone else we were devastated,
although not totally surprised.  At her annual check-up in August our
vet told us she was overweight and to start watching her diet because
of diabetes.  I remember looking at him and saying ”Oh my God”, no
way could I ever give my dogs a shot, little did we know at that time
we would be giving both of them  2 shots a day.  Heidi did start to lose
some weight and we were so happy thinking we were doing a good job
with her diet…..but then it happened, the more than usual drinking and
peeing started, and then one night I was up all night with her.  I would give
her a drink and set the bowl up on the counter, she would look at the
bowl and cry, I could not wait for morning to come to call our vet.   That
was the beginning of what we hoped would never happen.  Heidi is on
14 units of Humulin N  twice a day.  She weighs 30 lbs, still a little on the
chunky side.  Hard to believe she will be diabetic almost 4 years.
Heidi has had 2 mast cell cancerous lumps removed along with some
fatty tumors.  She had cataract surgery March 7th, 2001 and her surgery
was a success, although we had a scare a week after the surgery with
high pressures in both eyes, with a very good ophthalmologist and a lot
of eye drops the pressures went down and have remained good.

Crosby developed a tumor on his toe the same week that Heidi
had cataract surgery, Crosby had to have the toe removed because
of Sequamous Cell Carcinoma,  a few days after his surgery he started
with the drinking and peeing, tested for diabetes and sure enough he
was also diagnosed with the dreaded disease.  Our vet said he was
not surprised being both out of the same litter and he also thought it could
of been brought on by the stress of the toe.  Now, Crosby has a mind of his
own compared to Heidi, my husband and I wasn’t quite sure how this
business of giving him a shot would be compared to Heidi, she is so
easy giving shots, needless to say we were scared that this wasn’t
going to be quite so easy, well, that little stinker surprised us, he is so
good, all we say in the mornings is, whose going to be first, and they
both come, of course, I have treats in my hand which helps a lot. In
August of the same year Crosby had another lump come up on another
toe, different foot, this time we took him to Purdue Vet Hospital.  They removed
the toe which was another Sequamous Cell Carcinoma, they did a complete
body scan and found no other signs of cancer.  We were told that if this
tumor had been on the same foot as the first we would of had to have
his whole leg removed, we don’t know if we could of done that to our baby
or not, thankful we didn’t have to worry about it.  Crosby has also been
pretty easy to regulate  and keep regulated.  He is on 20 units of Humulin N
2x day.  He is a slim 28 lbs.

Not much really, since Heidi and Crosby both eat and get their shots between
6 and 6:30, our friends know that we can’t go out until after 6:30.   We have
never been deprived of doing anything, never were ones to do a lot of
vacationing  so we have not had to worry much about getting someone to come
in or taking them to be boarded.  They are our kids and we will do whatever it
takes to keep them happy and healthy, if it bothers anyone then I guess they
just weren’t as good of friends as we thought.  My husband and I take turns
going home for lunch, letting them out to potty and to give them their snack.
If we are gone for the whole day, we have a relative who comes in and takes
care of them.  I am positive that if it wasn’t for this Rainbow Pet Diabetes Email List 
I would have never felt as confident coping with diabetes and keeping both kids as healthy
as they are right now.  I have everyone on this list to thank for that.  May
God bless all of you, your families and your sweet babies.  Hugs to all!

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Heidi went to the Bridge on Sunday, April 3, 2005

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Crosby went to the Bridge on April 16, 2006

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