What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet!

Heidi Jo and Pepper
Black female miniature schnauzer diagnosed in May of 2005, has had non-problematic cataracts prior to diagnosis, was prescribed Purina Veterinary Diets DCO (expensive - I am looking at alternatives), and weighs 10 pounds (lost 6 pounds in less than two months).  She enjoys scrambled eggs, but is still unable to digest her favorite treat: leftover bones. 

Vetsulin - two shots daily. I use Terumo Medical Sur-Vet Syringe with Needle, 1cc/mL, 25G x 5/8", but will probably change to Terumo Medical Sur-Vet Syringe Insulin 3/10cc, 29ga x 1/2" with my next order.

Our veterinarian tells me that diabetes mellitus is common in miniature schnauzers and hard to control.  Heidi Jo's most recent glucose test indicates excellent results, but we both went through a hard time with her frequent bouts of vomiting and wee-morning hour wakeups for thirst and urination.  She has had lots of "accidents" while getting it under control. 

Poor Heidi Jo has had a hard time of it for a little dog :(  She was already bred and had puppies with a caesarean section before I got her at 1 1/2 years old.  She has undergone surgery for benign cancerous tumors twice in the last five years. 

3 units around 8 am
3 units around 8 pm
Birthday: May 30, 1992
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Email - two.schnauzers@gmail.com

Dog's Name: "Heidi Jo" Bonar owned by Cheryl Free 
When diagnosed: May 2005 
Weight: 16 pounds normal, 13 pounds when diagnosed, 10 pounds when weighed by veterinarian today 
Type of Insulin Used: Vetsulin 
Amount of Insulin Used: 6 total units daily (1.5 cc x2) 
Frequency of Injections: Twice daily 
Pet's Breed: Black female miniature schnauzer 
We started her medication at 4 units (1 cc x2) and she has been seeing the vet weekly for glucose tests.  Last week's test results were poor - *540* - so her insulin dosage was raised.  Today's test result was EXCELLENT - *105*!  (BUT, she has lost three more pounds :( The vet believes it is water weight and I shouldn't worry too much.) 
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