.To Heidi's World
             .Heidi is a rescue Miniature Schnauzer that we located, along with her half
              .sister, through a rescue bulletin board. She came to us in September of 1997
               .as an pudgy little dog and in April of 1998 was diagnosed with diabetes when
       .she began drinking and urinating by the gallon.

                Heidi has always been difficult to regulate and has had other health
            .problems besides diabetes.  The specialists at the Iowa State Veterinary
          .Teaching School have been wonderful in working with us to keep Heidi healthy.

             .In December of 1999, Heidi had surgery to remove diabetic cataracts.
           .Following the surgery, she wore an e-collar (which we both detested). She
           .slept in a baby bed while she was recovering so that she could relax in her
          .own quiet spot away from the milling pack of our other three fur-kids.

           .How has the diagnosis of diabetes in your Heidi affected your life?

            .In some ways diabetes hasn't changed my life hasn't at all--with four dogs,
            .my schedule revolves to a great extent around the fur-kids. In other ways,
       . life's changed a great deal. I learned to do something I never thought I
            .would do--give Heidi insulin injections. I've also become much more careful
            .about keeping our other three Schnauzers fit and trim since obesity is a
       .contributor to canine diabetes.

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What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?