What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!

Rainbow Bridge - September 25, 2006
Hanna, who is a Great Pyrenees, was a rescue from the animal shelter. She was originally purchased as a companion pet for a day care and soon became too large for the children. She was Santa’s dog, for two years, during Breakfast with Santa (a fundraiser for the local hospital auxiliary).

August 4, 2005 Hanna was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and diabetes. She had surgery to remove the cancer from her leg and has had radiation and chemo treatments. As of her last x-ray no cancer was detected. Her diabetes seems to be under control but like Gretchen she has her ups and downs.

Gretchen and Hanna have a brother, Jag. He is an Australian Cattle Dog and was also a rescue from the animal shelter. Jag was the model for a photo shoot I was involved in at the shelter. During the shoot I found out he had been at the shelter for 6 months. My husband and I went back the following weekend and adopted him.

Gretchen, Hanna and Jag are all registered with Therapy Dogs Incorporated. They visit nursing homes, hospitals, and anyone else who need a little pet therapy. They are a favorite at the local Veterans Hospital where they have several human diabetic friends. Gretchen and Hanna also go to the grade schools and library where the children read to them. 

Stacy Shultz-Bisset 

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Hanna's Memorial Page

Meet my Diabetic Sister Gretchen

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