What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?
A Canine with Diabetes Mellitus.


My husband and I got Gretchen at an auction. There was a litter of nine puppies in 
a box with a sign that said "free puppies," I took her from the box and she crawled 
all over my husband throughout the entire auction. When we were ready to leave I 
asked him if we were going to take Gretchen home with us and he replied" 
I guess if you named the dam thing we're going to have to." 
As if he would have left without her! 

At the time she came to live with us she was five weeks old. 
We were told her mother was a black lab and her father was BIG. After showing 
her to several Newfoundland breeders we are sure her father was a Newfoundland. 
She was often mistaken for a Newfoundland puppy, until she started to turn grey 
at about age three. 

When Gretchen was about nine months old we noticed she played for very short 
periods and then took long naps. She also had raw spots on the pads on her feet. 
She had very thin hair but she had always had thin hair so we didn't think anything 
of that. After three months of medications our vet sent a blood test to the local 
vet school and Gretchen was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. 
February 14, 2004, at the age of 6 1/2 she was diagnosed with diabetes. 
She is somewhat regulated but has her ups and downs.

Gretchen’s sister, Hanna, is a Great Pyrenees. She is 5 years old and was a rescue
from the animal shelter. She was originally purchased as a companion pet for a 
day care and soon became too large for the children. She is so good with
children she has played Santa’s dog, for the past two years, during Breakfast
with Santa (a fundraiser for the local hospital auxiliary).

Gretchen’s brother, Jag, is an Australian Cattle Dog. He is 2 years old and was 
also a rescue from the animal shelter. Jag was the model for a photo shoot I was
involved in at the shelter. During the shoot I found out he had been at the shelter
for 6 months. My husband and I went back the following weekend and 
adopted him. He is now a registered Therapy Dog.

Gretchen, Hanna and Jag are all registered with Therapy Dogs Incorporated. 
They visit nursing homes, hospitals, and anyone else who need a little pet therapy. 
They are a favorite at the local Veterans Hospital, Gretchen has several human 
diabetic friends there. Gretchen and Hanna also go to the grade schools and 
library where the children read to them. 

Stacy Shultz-Bisset

Gretchen's Family Album

A face that the world would love!!!
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