Canines and Felines with Diabetes Mellitus!
All stories are by the owner of the pet!


Hi! my name is Glenna Focht, 
my precious cat Gizmo was diagnosed with diabeties on January 27,1998. 
He was 10 years old, he was on insulin for a little over 2 years then he passed away
at the age of 12. Here is a picture of him when I first got him

When he was first diagnosed his reading was 578 and his colesterol was 543. 
I had 12 beautiful years with him. Couldn't ask for a better watch cat. He was half
simese and half calico, my mom and I rescued him from a animal shelter
.I called him Gizzy for a nick name. He was too young to leave his Mother but I 
promised the guy I would take care of him and I surely did that. 
Now I have a Shetland Sheepdog , his name is Tyke.

He is 10 years old now but before his 10th birthday  he was diagnosed with 
hypothyroid and anemic. The vet put him on Tyhroid pills . I don't know much 
about it other than the vet said he would be on the pills for the rest of his life. He 
also has fatty tissues all over him the vet said they were nothing to worry about. I am
so worried about him , if anyone and any information on this e-mail me back. I would
really appreciate it. Here are some pictures of my sheltie too. I'll send more pics later.

                                                               Glenna & Tyke

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