Ginger was born on March 5, 1989. 
Was diagnosed January 19, 1998. She received 8 units of insulin twice a day.
First Purified Pork then Humilin U, since we could not find anymore purified pork. 
She ate cooked rice and chicken twice a day then we would give her the shot. 
She never lost her sight completely. The end came quick.
Her organs started to shut down. Her blood sugar went down to 34. 
The vet gave her glucose, which brought up. But it came back down in less than an hour.
This went on all night. She had 5 seizures during the. Each one would hurt me more
than anything. Then she started to twitch and that was what made me let her sleep. 
After 12 years of love that she gave us, the least I could do is let her sleep without pain.
This letter has been very hard to write to say the least. I know that she is sleeping and 
will someday see me again. I thank you for your website and all the work you have done. 
We still have another poodle. Coco, 2 years old, not diabetic. 
He will also miss her greatly.
Thank you,
Victor  & Carmen Del Valle 

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