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Monday, August 18, 2008

GingerBear was diagnosed Aug 28th, 2003 .....the vet she was going didn't know very much about diabetes so I tried another vet and it wasn't very much better there.....my first vet when I asked questions was giving me answers like "if it isn't broke don't fix it " and "you're looking for things"....I was doing so much crying seeing GingerBear go down hill and I felt deep down I would be losing her if I didn't get some good help...... so a few days before Thanksgiving 2003 I got on the computer and just typed in dogs with diabetes and it opend to the google pages with lots of websites and I clicked on a few and when I clicked on the rainbow bridge one I started to read and it had a spot to where I could email Judy and I did that...she got back to me .... I started to ask a lot of questions and she said I should get on the site..... I aked her how I did that and she said its done..... the mail started to come in and I was so thrilled....everyone welcomes us and I just has such a different feeling and outlook on the disease..... no matter what the question there was someone there to answer them with what they knew or what they tried and what worked for them...... its such a wonderful feeling to ask and have such information at your fingertips..... GingerBear had a very good life for 4 years...thats 4 that I know I wouldn't have had without everyone here.... it's a feeling of knowing there are so many wonderful people that care about you and most importantly your furbabies....  GingerBear had diabetes,ear,eye & foot problems then in June 2006 she was diagnosed with Cushings and my little girl was still the little fighter.....  her diabetes & cushings were under control and was tested and had a mass in her intestines Sept 2007 ..... she passed away Sept 13th 2007 but she did have a good 4 years .....I have always been so thankful for all the love and care she got from the Rainbow Bridge !!
Believe me there is always hope !!
Nanc "Angel" GingerBear & TeddyBear

It certainly has been a fun filled 9 months and 1 week with TeddyBear in the house....GingerBear knew exactly what she was doing having him show up for my birthday. Shadow would have been a very good name for him ...he is with me everywhere I go and has gone with me in the truck accept for 4 times now and he rides so nicely..... 

he has 3/4th of the front seat with his blankets and his one chewey...... I have one story that I have to smile everytime I think of it......I have never tried to train anyone.... ..I just let their own natural personality and whatever they become I have never had any complaints..... well I got a great book on dachshunds... I learned so much about them.... it also has some pet training tips .... so I thought it would be so cute if I could teach him to sit all the way up..... so I bought the little training dog treats and I worked with TeddyBear for 3 weeks...just a little a day...first I started with the basic sit ...then all the way up....he was a fast learner....so it was the next time  TeddyBear and I went to Petco I had two different people come up to me and they ask if he sits up !!! I had to laugh because they both said theirs did.....so who was the smart one here..... they told me theirs did and without treats......urrrr.... ! He  does that all the time.... he'll come over and sit the whole way up when I'm on the computer or I'll turn around and hes' right me just everywhere and I sit down with him and play or just pick him up and give him a hug..... he's another one of a kind......

I hope you  like the pictures of TeddyBear..... one is at Petco and one of his party and one of him being the Pest he is.....
TeddyBear's webpage and additional pictures: http://www.caninediabetes.org/teddybear.html

Love,Nanc & TeddyBear

What is your name and your pet's name?    Nancy Lee Focht & "Angel" GingerBear

How old is your furbaby and what kind?   12 years old & Dachshund/ Bassett

When your pet was diagnosed ?       Aug. 28th 2003

What is your pet's weight?        24.2 pounds

Name of the insulin being used?      NPH insulin

What is the insulin dosage now?     was 7 units 2 BID

What time(s) of day do you give the insulin?    9 am & 9 pm

Do you home-cook or use a commercial pet food?  homecooked & commercial

If Commercial - what brand?   Hills Prescription  Dry & Canned

Do you urine test?     Yes in the beginning 

Do you blood test? Yes

If yes, what kind meter are you using?  Gluco Pet

Does your pet have any other health issues (medication for anything else)?  Eyes,Ears & Feet

GingerBears Webpage:  http://www.caninediabetes.org/ginger.html

We have members all over the world - where are you from?    Claysburg,Pa

Finally, could you tell us how you found us?  Was doing a serious search for information of pets with diabetes and was fortunate to find  Rainbow Bridge and emailed Judy....

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