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Of Owners and Their Pets with Diabetes Mellitus


Diamond Red 'Fred' was born on November 11, 1993. 
He is a gorgeous red and white Basenji from a long line of champion Basenjis. 
He lives in Toronto, Ontario Canada with his labrador buddy, Sasha,
his beloved grandma who cooks his food and feeds him his yummy meals, 
his mom and 2 aunts as well as 2 parrots, 2 turtles and a large assortment of fish!!

Fred has been a healthy happy guy until about 2 years ago when he was 
diagnosed with IBD.  This meant a total change in his diet and he was put on 
Prednisone and Tylosin for the IBD.

Unfortunately it was the Prednisone that eventually led him to be diagnosed 
with diabetes in February 2003.  He was put on Caninsulin but it has not 
been easy getting him regulated -  another side effect of prednisone.  A 
further difficulty arose with giving him insulin shots and had it not been 
for Brenda and the BD inject-ease, I don't know what we would have done. 
Because Fred does not like needles, we are unable to do home blood testing 
and have to rely on Urine testing with Keto-diastix (which we know is 
totally inaccurate).

Currently Fred is doing well.  We had a very nice time on our trip to 
Virginia for the diabetic dogs picnic.  Although I was a bit apprehensive 
about taking him on this extending trip, things worked out very well.
see pictures below plus Fred's Travel Kit of Supplies

 Vanessa attended 
A Picnic In Virgina for Diabetic Pets
Here are a few of the pictures Vanessa took... to share with everyone!
From bopping for hot dogs to canine musical chairs there was fun for all!
Diabetic Pets can travel just like a pet without diabetes!
Sasha is packed and ready to go
before Fred has time to say insulin!
Sasha is Fred's furry sister!
Fred & Sasha surrounded by family!
What a beautiful bridge of love!
The canines in Virginia all joined in
for a game of musical chairs!
Diabetic Canine Fred
was the winner in musical chairs!

Fred's Travel Kit!
Things Vanessa made sure to include on Fred's Virginia Vacation!
 1 diabetic supplies hold-all (You get nice ones at the diabetic society). 
Everything below goes into this bag:.
1 small freezer pack (to keep the insulin cold.  This fits into a small 
pocket behind the insulin in the bag)
Supply of Insulin X number of days (always take an extra vial just in case)
Syringes ( always take about 4 extra )
Urine testing strips
Any other medication

Make sure you have access to a fridge wherever you stay.  As soon as you 
arrive, place the insulin in the fridge and put the small freezer pack in 
the freezer for the next day.

If your dog is on a special diet, make sure you carry enough food for your 
whole trip.  As Fred likes his food warm, we also carried a small insulated 
bag with 2 heat packs to keep his meals for the day warm.

We were away 4 days and Fred did just great!!


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