A Canine with Diabetes Mellitus
What Could Be Sweeter Than a Diabetic Pet?


Frankie is a 14 year-old Corgi/terrier mix , 24  1/2 lbs., 
diagnosed March 24, 2005.  I've attached his photo, a portrait shot taken two years 
ago.  I think he's quite a handsome lad!  He is on Humulin N, 6 cc BID as the vet is
slowly increasing from 5 cc's the first week.  I just did my first hometest - my sister
is a type 1 diabetic and when she learned her nephew was diabetic, too, she sent
me a ton of supplies including 500 syringes (she uses the kind the vet told us to
use - BD Ultra-Fine II - plus an Accu-Chek Active  that's only a year old
(she gets a new one annually from her insurance) and 750 test strips, etc. 
My husband, Richard and I just did our first test - by trimming a nail - and it was 484,
at 11:15 AM after having his insulin and breakfast at 6:30 AM. 
He is still urinating a lot, I think he just started with an infection and I'll be calling the
vet in the morning to see about adjusting to more insulin and picking up an antibiotic.

We live in Burbank, CA, I work at home as a PR consultant.  
Frankie has a K9 Cart for walkies 

and because of this is a little neighborhood celebrity!

Three years ago, he was doing his business and couldn't get up, we got him
the cart and with glucosomine treatment and using his cart he now can walk
around the house without it.  But since the onset of diabetes his arthritis
seems more pronounced.  I also just stopped giving the glucosomine because 
I read in several places that it inhibits insulin uptake in dogs. 
We'll see how this all goes.

So much for now,

Mary & Frankie


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