What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?
Matilda (aka Matty) is a 12 year old Australian Cattle Dog.  We acquired
her the summer I had broken my ankle from a fall off my horse.  She and her
littermates were 3 weeks old when we first saw them and they had to be
brought out from under a stock trailer so we could see them.  We had called
the breeder the year before asking for a female but all the females had been
sold to others in different parts of the country.  We were surprised when he
called us the next year and said he had two females if we were still
interested.  We went to his property up on Table Mountain near where we live
and thought we would "just look" at the pups.  You know how that goes!  We
picked out Matty (she had a bit of gray and white on her tail as they are
born white except for any gray or black markings they will have--the pups
were just beginning to show blush of their red color).  A couple of weeks
later we got the call that she was ready to be picked up.  The rest is
history as they say.

Matty was diagnosed with diabetes in January, 2000.  When she began to
urinate alot and drink alot of water I thought she had a urinary tract
infection.  Imagine my shock when the diagnosis was diabetes.  She had been
overweight for the past 6 years and we had neglected to put her on a diet.
Poor Matty...If we only had maybe this wouldn't have happened?

Matty weighs in at 60 pounds and is on a diet.  We hope to get much more
weight off her in the coming months.
Matty is on Humulin L with her dosage at 2 units twice per day at this point.

How has having a diabetic dog changed our lives?

We are much more aware of the problems overweight animals can develop.
Mornings and evenings revolve around feeding Matty and giving her the shots
in addition to what we had to do prior to her diagnosis (feed the other
animals, clean litter boxes, feed our blind horse "Buddy"--the last of the
equines at the Shelby residence and get ready for work).  Luckily I was used
to giving our horses shots so giving Matty shots is no big deal. She's so
very good about it and I'm so proud of her.  She's worth every penny we've
spent on the testing and diagnosis, the insulin and the special diet food.
She is a real sweety (but still has a mind of her own--she's true to her
herding blood) and we can't imagine home without her.  We hope we can get
her diabetes under control so we can have more years with her.  She's been
an "only dog" for the last five years and the silence would be deafening if
we lost her............

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