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Hi!  My name is Fido, and I'm just a little mutt,
I have diabetes and it's a pain in my butt!
Mom says we must be honest, as honest as can be,
So, it's my job to tell you, that Diabetes won't kill me.

I can run, and I can jump, and I put on a real good show,
It's all about my shots and diets, and the things you need to know
It's about my bloodwork, yeah, I get that nasty prick,
But they're a whole lot better, than me, when I get sick.

Sometimes my sugar gets real high, sometimes it gets real low,
It's all about my shots and diets, and the things you need to know.
When they found my diabetes, my mom found Queenie's page
My Ma says it's saved my life, and that's good in this day and age.

She said just get on the internet and let your fingers do the walkin'
And find yourself on An Email List and listen to all the talkin.
Yep, my name's Fido, and a mutt I may be,
But this diabetes, it ain't killin' me!
© by Charls Cain ©
 Mon, 16 Sep 2002

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