A Canine with Diabetes Mellitus
What Could Be Sweeter Than a Diabetic Pet?


Rainbow Bridge - March 1, 2006

Espresso's Rainbow Bridge Page

This is Espresso's Story - When he became diabetic!
Back in September Espresso was chewing on his leg and causing a lot of problems.
I took him to the vet and they gave him prednisone (as he has had before with 
self digging issues) after 2 doses he started vomiting and was very lethargic... He had had 
pancreatitis before.. but never had an attack from prednisone...I stopped the prednisone 
and  took him in for blood work.... in the next few days while waiting for the results he 
seemed to go from a chubby happy baby to skin and bones... and would barely lift his head.... 
The blood results came back and they were a mess... I heard many things.. none of them good., 
but the vet said  on the list was Diabetes.. and that first and foremost he needs to get on insulin... 
I had already made preliminary arrangements for him to "make the transition" as he was now
not much more than  bones and barely moved.. he was peeing the bed and I thought 
he was dying in front of my eyes..

I arranged for him to go to the Emergency vets as they wanted to keep him for a few days
and start his insulin.. but the regular vet did not have 24 hour vets there.. and I was quite
familiar with the Em Vets as he has been an epileptic for 10 years and I had been to 
the Em Vets enough with all my babies that I actually had a file in standing there!

I got tri-daily reports on him.. but was not allowed to visit as he was so very attached to me.. 
the vet said that it would upset him more than help him to see me and then have me leave... 
This was so very hard for me.. but I had to do what was best for him... When they finally 
said I could come get him 3-4 days later.. I couldn't believe the change.. he was semi 
spunky and alert.. In the 3-4 days he was at the em. vets.. I found Rainbow Bridge website 
and a whole bunch of people who understood what I was going through as I babbled and 
was basically hysterical.. scared and so very alone inside... I can remember the disaster 
that was shot time and the panic attacks and the tears and the problems.. though now it 
seems like so long ago... recently Espressie went blind suddenly.. He has just had 
cataract surgery and is healing from that...

He is still not regulated after all these months... But he is here and with every fight caused
by this disease.. there are many who have already been there in the battle fields
and have helped us through them..

I hope to get a recent picture of him so that everyone can see how beautiful he is... 
the picture I sent is the baby I was watching die... Now that he has gotten some of his 
weight back and his eyes taken care of... He looks more like his ole self.. and a large part of 
this is due to this group and a vet who took the time to do extra research and listened 
to what I was saying when I related what I had learned on here...

"If you pick up a starving animal and make them prosperous, 
They will not turn on you; that is the principal difference between an animal and a human...."

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Rambo aka Cujo



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