Rainbow Bridge Memorial - Until We Meet Again!

Ender Wiggin
May 1994 - December 16, 2004
Rainbow Bridge

Treasured Friend

I lost a treasured friend today,
the little dog who used to lay
his gentle head upon my knee
and share his silent thoughts with me.

He will come no longer to my call,
retrieve no more his favorite ball.
A voice far greater than my own
has called him to His golden throne.

And though my eyes are filled with tears,
I thank Him for the happy years
he let him spend down here with me,
and for his love and loyalty.

Author Unknown


Who knew one dog with only four paws could fill such a big space? Ender could
have been the mayor of Saranac Lake. He was the mayor of Pendragon, that's for
sure. Wherever Bonnie was, there was Ender, tail wagging, deep golden intelligent 
eyes taking in everything. We all knew him. . . from the days of his puppyhood 
when he amused himself during a play reading by untying the shoelaces of various 
unsuspecting actors and directors. . . to eyeing with great drooly appreciation a 
McDonald’s cheeseburger. . . to enthusiastically chewing into submission a Barney 
stuffed animal. . .always, always at Bonnie's side and happiest when he was in 
a theatre. He loved Pendragon, but really he loved any theatre. He knew where 
he was when he was in a theatre, from the second he walked in the door. He knew 
not to bark. He knew the stairs went up to the booth. He knew, when he heard 
"Places!", to walk to the door and wait for Bonnie.
For all of us who knew and loved Ender Wiggin, the world holds an empty place
now. But when you bite into that cheeseburger, when you see an uneviscerated
Barney toy, when you walk into a theatre, remember this dog with the huge 
heart and the scruffy hair. If you know where to look, you just might see him 
standing at the door waiting for Bonnie.

Tribute lovingly contributed by Fran Yardley

Memories are Forever!
From Puppyhood

to this past December

Christmas 2004

Ender has been entrusted into God's gentle grace.

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