Obtaining Blood from the elbow callus of a canine!

Thank you Christy for taking time to help others!!
Cheyenne you are such a good boy for letting your Mom do this!

#1  Preparing to check Cheyenne’s bg levels.  Exposing her elbow callus. 
I hold the hair away with my left hand and stab with lancet in right hand. 
Then I squeeze to make the blood drop appear.  You can heat the area first and apply Vaseline 
to help the blood bead up but I haven’t had to do that.

A close up picture of the above!

#2  Getting ready to insert test strip into glucometer.  It turns the glucometer on.
 The two dots should be visible when the strip is in glucometer.

#3  Inserting test strip to turn machine on. 
If you would get an error, just take strip out and re insert it. 

#4  Meter turning on after inserting test strip. 
You need to make sure the code is the same as on the bottle of test strips.

#5  Preparing to stab Cheyenne in her elbow to get drop of blood

#6  Inserting lancet into Cheyenne’s elbow. 
I generally give a twist as I pull it out.  I use just lancet not in a holder
A close up of the above picture!

#7  Showing drop of blood, after using lancet and squeezing. 
You squeeze around 1/4” to 1/2” away from the spot you pierced
A close up of the above picture!

#8  Holding glucometer up to blood drop to get reading. 
You need to get the blood in the strip where the black dots are (either side). 
It will beep when it has enough blood.  Then it will give you a reading.

Note from Judy:
The blood glucose machine used in this tutorial
was purchased at  www.animaldiabetes.com

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Rebel & Axl & Cheyenne 


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