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I have been on this list since Jan. but have not posted.
However, I feel like I know you all and you have given me inspiration and  knowledge.
You all have helped so much ,so now I've decided to send Ebony's story.

Ebony came to us in Va. from Hawaii. He followed my Mom home from a walk and
since no one claimed him after some time we had him sent overnight express.He came
into our lives  shortly before our other dog Scruffy was near the end of his life with 
us at 15 yrs.old.  Ebony was about a yr. old when we got him and will be 14 in Sept. 
We feel that he has Schipperkee in him.

In Oct. we were nursing our 26 yr. old conure that was ill with seizures. Giving her 
phenobarbital every 12 hrs.for over a yr.She died Oct. 26.2002. I think I was
missing a lot going on with Ebony.

The signs came on slowly.  In Jan. he was diagnosed with diabetes.
Did not think I could give him the shots but did. You all pulled us through.

Then he was diagnosed about 3 months later with kidney disease. The diabetes was 
nothing then.This was  more challenging now. Since Father's  Day he has become
blind from cataracts. He seems to be getting around the house pretty good. 
( Except when he runs into the cat in the middle of the floor) We are being very 
watchful as he could break something real easy since he has lost so much muscle
mass.He has gone from 23 lb. to 15.1.  He is on  8 units of Humulin  L 1x per day.
At the vets we tested  BG's   several  times a week and we feel he is doing 
well with the diabetes.
He is pretty much incontinent but lets us know when he needs to go out,
but when he sleeps he drips.We keep diapers on him most of the time.Works great! 
We have ordered the angel vest for strange places or for out of town visits.

Its amazing the things we can do when we have to.
I've thought about all the furbabies and their families with prayers 
with all the losses this  year.
Thanks for all your help. Happy 4th!

 Judy  and Ebony
 Fri, 4 July 2003

 Ebony's Photo Album

Ebony poses in his Angel Vest!

Ebony & Tabitha
After a hard day's work!

Ebony update  - Tue, 02 Sep 2003 
Margo, Judy and all our friends,
 Thought I would give you a update on Ebony.
Have been so busy with family visiting every week -end for a month and 2 more to go.
Ebony has been going for glucose testing periodically and we have done 2 curves 
I think I mentioned that he is not in kidney failure.Possibly in the beginning stages of it 
and maybe cushings. His pre cortisol was 1.5 and post was 21.3.The problem is he has
not been regulated for7 months and his thyroid test came back very low at 0.6. (Norm is 1.0-4.0
He had never had his thyroid tested. He is on thyroid med. 2 x a day.
He is on 6 units humulin L 2 x a day. Started on 4 2 x a day.
We are working with that but have gone down 1-2 when the urine strip came
out neg. in the morning. It has never been that.He seems to be feeling better. 
Still a picky eater. Also I am trying the Wellness food that seems to be healthy. 
They sell it at the vets.
His last curve was 
8 am 194
11:30 209
2 p.m 312
5:30  206.
She says that if we can get Ebony regulated and see how the check-up thyroid test does
that we might think about the eye surgery.
Working on the hubby.......
 She said they would only do 1 eye and it would be about $1,000 .We will have to see but I have
so much more hope for my baby.
I was in a slump thinking before the second opinion that he would die any day...
If he could see I think it would make a lot of difference in the quality of both of our lives.
 Would like some feedback on this and have read the stories on here about the eye  surgerys.
I'm hoping that it will work and last.He will be 14 Sept. 21.
Thank- you to all  for your help and will keep you informed..
We will be going back 2 weeks from Thurs. to recheck  the thyroid and  do another curve.
Judy and Ebony

Ebony has gone to the Rainbow Bridge

 Ebony's Rainbow Page 

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