Nothing is sweeter than a pet with diabetes!
Pet Diabetes Easy Reference List
Educate yourself. 
You are responsible for the daily care of your pet. 
Diabetes in Pets is NOT a Death Sentence!

Eventually, you must have a thorough enough understanding of diabetes so that you can be confident in managing this 
disease instead of fearing it. If your regular vet is unavailable when a minor question arises, you must have 
the confidence to make a decision based on your understanding of diabetes and how it affects your pet.

This Pet Diabetes website is designed to give you quick reference to URL links that may answer many of your questions.

Beginner's Overview:*The ultimate beginner's page 
Canine Diabetes:* Lots of information on canine diabetes and support groups to join.*All the webpages from the former*Previous (in case you are looking for a link )* Diabetes in Dogs by BD
Cost of having a diabetic pet:
Diabetes Dictionary *An explanation of diabetic and medical terms you will hear
Diet/Nutrition:*Both meals and treats by different owners*Recipes for home cooking and boughten foods fed by owners of diabetic pets*Another page of recipes  fed by owners of diabetic pets*Searchable database containing nutrition analysis *Not all carbs are created equal. The best carbs are low-glycemic.*Homeopathic and Naturopathic Herbs for dogs – Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia *Great calorie calculator *Comparison of  canned cat foods *Comparison of dry cat foods *More diabetic cat food choices*Treats*Treats*Listing of treats by sugar content*PDF files on Cat food by Michael Smith*PDF files on Dog food by Michael Smith*Information on most commercial dog foods*Ingredient comparison of Hill's W/D, Purina DCO, Royal Canin Vet Diet
E-mail lists for pet diabetes: Join the pet diabetes email group today! *Information on how to join both email groups *Over five hundred members share information
          ******Join both groups. If one is down, then hopefully the other will be up and running
E-mail Members Information: *Who am I Emails? A new weekly feature for our members. *Stories and Pictures submitted by members *The new monthly digest for our members*Cataract journals by members on what to expect & the cost *Results of the Ongoing Insulin Survey for Owners of Diabetic Pets
Feline Diabetes:*Feline Diabetes by Dr. Pierson and diet suggestions*All the webpages from the former *Extensive UK based site on feline diabetes *Reasons for blood-testing cats at home*Feline Diabetes by Dr. Price and a feline diabetic messsage board*Sugar Cats
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
How to find a specialist in your area: *American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Insulin Info*Charts of most insulins with their expected peaking action *Comparison of 200 pets insulin, weight, dosage*Vetsulin users*Illustration of peaking curve with Vetsulin*Which states need prescriptions for insulin and syringes *Great section on different kinds of insulins and starting doses
Syringe Info *Syringe conversion - Vetsulin or PZI users to NPH*Syringe conversion - Vetsulin or PZI users to NPH (another url)*How to inject*How to inject insulin*Insulin and syringe information*Tips on how to avoid painful injections*More tips for comfortable injections*How to purchase non-prescription syringes
Miracle Cures and Alternative Treatments:
Other Health Issues/Questions:
Antihistamines *Antihistamines doses
Cancer*Cancer and treatments
Collapsed Trachea*Enter "Collapsed Trachea" in the search box
Cushings *Enter “Cushing Hereditary/Congenital disorders” in the search box*Kris's Cushing FAQ*Cushings and diabetes*Cushings groups to join
Diabetes Insipidus
Hereditary/Congenital disorders*Group to join
Hyperthyroidism*Feline Hyperthyroidism and Diabetes
Hypoglycemia*How and when to use Karo syrup *Hypoglycemia
Ketoacidosis - DKA*Click on   ENCYCLOPEDIA, then   DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS*Ketoacidosis
Kidney*Enter “Kidneys” in the search box*Early signs of kidney failure*Chronic renal failure
Liver*Enter "Liver" in the search box
Pancreas & Pancreatitis* explanation*Pancreatitis and Diabetes
Somogyi Phenomenon *Somogyi Phenomenon*Somogyi Phenomenon*For Vetsulin users
UTI - Urinary Tract Infection*Rxcerpts from Carol Levin’s book *Enter "UTI"in the search box*Dr. Jennifer's cranberries and antibiotics for uti
Vaccinations*Should you vaccinate?
Pet Loss and Prayers:*Prayer Book and Prayer Guestbook*St. Francis Prayer *Pet Memorial Poems by Cryssy *Memorial Pages of Member's Pets
Questions to ask a veterinarian about diabetes mellitus:  *Print these questions out and take to your veterinarian
Stories and Pictures of those who have submitted them to the website:*Please feel free to send photos and info about your pet!*Memorial pages of those who have lost pets
Testing Blood
What is a Blood Curve?
What Meter is Recommended? *The animal calibrated meter we recommend* Meter reader comparison
Other Meters *AlphaTRAK Blood Glucose Monitoring System for Pets* Vet Professionals Information on AlphaTRAK Meter*Human meter comparisons
7/3/2008 Diabetes Health E-Magazine*An up to date blood glucose meter reference guide
How to graph pet's blood glucose numbers 
Tutorials/Pictures for Blood Testing*Canine Callus blood test*Canine Carpal pad blood test*Canine Dewclaw/carpal pad picture*Canine Ear blood test*Canine Ear blood test*Canine Lip blood test*Canine Outside of lip blood test*Canine Tail blood test*Cat ear prick*Cat ear testing on a different website along with useful tips*More on obtaining blood from a cat's ear*Video on obtaining blood from a cat's ear*Blood testing a cat from
Testing Urine*How to Urine Test*Urine Glucose Testing*Urine testing your diabetic cat
Vision*Blind dog tips*Cataract journals on what to expect & the cost*Where to find an ophthalmologist in your area*Cataracts and dry eye*What is a cataract? by Michael Zigler DVM, Cert.V.Ophthal*Cataracts by
What's New?*New Pages on the Three Websites

If you know of a URL that you think should be added to this reference list, please send an email to Bonnie or Judy
Judy's Email:
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All urls submitted to us will be researched by us before being added to the website

Judy Dick started this website in May of 1997 because her Canine Queenie was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus!

Advice given is based on personal experience and is not a substitute for veterinary care. 
Take your pet to the vet and/or consult with your vet before acting on anyone’s advice. 
Find a vet you can work with since diabetes is a complicated disease.

Diabetic Pets Around the World 
Unite In a Common Goal 
To let the world know that Diabetes in Pets is Treatable! 
This Website is Dedicated to that Cause! 

Page added in July of 2008

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