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My name is Kevin Turpeinen and I live in Portland, Oregon 
with 2 pugs (Dominic & Bandit, black and fawn respectively) 
and 1 chihuahua named Rodney. 
I work for a non-profit medical organization which on the Web at
It is a fine group of folks to work with.

Eight years ago I decided that I wanted another member of the family. 
I researched the ads and kept looking out at Animal Control (I had already rescued 
one pug named Brutus, a pit-bull terrier named Cano, and a whippet named Murphy).
Most of the rescues were older and eventually died from natural causes. When dogs
get dumped out at the pound there isn't always a lot of health history with them.

I still had Brutus in '95 and I thought another pug would be cute. I finally saw an ad in 
the paper at the Oregon Coast and I called the lady and drove down the Coast (2-3 
hour drive) and found the home were the little Pug was living with his siblings.

The first time I laid eyes on Dominic I knew that he was a special little soul. He 
came to me immediately and I bought him on the spot. The lady said that he 
wasn't papered but had all of his current shots (she gave him one while I was there)
and we came back to Portland. Brutus has since died (we guessed his age at
around 13) and I have adopted two more since. Rodney the Chihuahua was
next, and then 3 years ago Bandit- a rowdy Pug.

They have all been healthy and happy. Rodney did have one bout with a bladder 
stone a few years back. In June 2003 I noticed that Dominic seemed "older" and
not as happy. He had gained quite a bit of weight over the years and I was trying 
to get all of our weights down. I had been taking care of my partner, Rick who had 
died from cancer last year after a two-year battle and I watched everyone in my
house like a hawk (my boys and myself).

July 15th, 2003 he was urinating uncontrollably and the subsequent wetness was 
very sticky to the touch. He had not lost any weight yet but he was starting not to
eat. He was drinking water like there was no tomorrow. It scared me. This was
during the second weekend in July 2003 and a friend of mine who is a physician was
visiting, and he diagnosed Dominic immediately. I took Dominic to my Vet on Monday
Brian (Vet) called me back as soon as he got in with the diagnosis. Diabetes! I couldn't 
talk and my jaw hit the floor- along with my heart. Two thumps, major bruising- 
spiritually and emotionally. I couldn't lose another family member so soon....but it 
wasn't totally in my hands, how could this happen to a sweet, calm dog?

Brian gave Dominic his first shot that day and I have been giving him his 2-shots daily
since. We have had two trips to the Vet, the first initial visit and then one after I
joined this far. I talk with my Vet on the phone every day. We are 
working hard to keep Dominic stable and he is already improved greatly. I am 
working with my Vet with regards to making sure that Dominic has the correct 
medications. There always could be all depends how Dommie does 
and I am learning as much as I can to keep up. His diet is regulated now and I
test his urine in the morning or whenever I can. It has been a challenge but I would do
anything for this little guy or any other. I would like to say THANK YOU  to this group.
Worried Dad is somewhat better these days. These boys are my world.

Peace~  Kevin


Dominic's Photo Album

Baby Dominic

My Brother Baby Bandit

My Brother Prince Rodney

My Dad Kevin

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