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Information for owners of Canine's with Diabetes Mellitus 
What could be sweeter then a diabetic dog?

Canine Diabetic Dog Food Recipes 

 Consult your veterinarian before changing your pets' diet.
Being consistent is very important. Amounts! Feeding Times! Insulin Injected!
These recipes came from owners of diabetic pets 
who are members of the Rainbow Bridge Pet Diabetes Group.
Please read the Pros and Cons before homecooking for your canine.
Pros and Cons of Homecooking 
ballMargo Hupe's Recipe for Alex

ballWhat Annie feeds Max
ballAnnie's Frozen Pumpkin Treats
ballAnnie's Daily Supplements for Max
ballAdditional Treats Annie gives Max
ballWhat Queenie ate for eight years and supplements she received.
ballHill's Homemade Reducing Diet for Canines
ballHomemade Science Diet W/D Treats
ballDr Pitcairn's Recipe for Diabetic Dogs
ballTeddy's Diet & Supplements - Owner Susan Jackson
ballPeter's Recipe & Supplements - Owner Jeanie
ballPros and Cons of Homecooking 
ballRecommended Treats for the diabetic dog
ballMargo's Recipe for Dehydrated Meat - Chicken Jerky example
ballChristy combines homecooking with boughten food
ballMax's Diet - owner Sue from Australia
ballShould I feed my canine BARF or raw meat?
ballWhat Ron feeds Amstel---boughten dogfood combined with veggies
ballWhat Kathryn is feeding Dakota
ballWhat does Kellie feed Blaze
This is the recipe that Margo fed Alex and the one she recommends and had great success with.
     Read Alex's Story here
    Alex weighed 60 pounds and gets the following at each meal:
    1 cup brown long grain rice
    1 cup chicken breast
    1/2 cup green beans
    1/2 cup mixed vegetables
    1/2 cup cottage cheese
  • A vet nutritionist recommended this diet along with one human multi-vitamin a day.

What Annie feeds Max.

He's on 5.5 units of N twice a day after meals.
He's 16 pounds 
I have checked with Max's internal specialist on each change in his diet and supplements. 
I think it's very important to check with your vet before taking any advice. 
Anne & Max (dd, dx 6/18/02, blind 8/18/02)

Read Max's Story Here
Food is made in bulk and frozen, 
he gets 2 1/2 cups per day: 
8 pounds Frozen green beans (thawed and shredded in food processor) 
1 1/2 16 ounce bags Pearl Barley (cooked with 7 cups water) 
5 pounds Boiled Chicken (shredded in food processor) 
11 Hard boiled eggs (shredded in food processor) 

Annie's Frozen Pumpkin Treats.
Frozen Pumpkin cookies 
Liver snaps (1 pound calf liver blended in food processor with 1/4 cup whole wheat flour and one egg, spread on cookie sheet and cooked at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, cooled and cut with pizza cutter) 

Supplements given to Max daily.
Supplements (the mg's are for whole capsules or tablets): 
Vitamins are 1/4 RDA of the following: 
Omega-3 Acidophilus (when on an antibiotic) 
important note
Max was on Chromium From 8/2002 (almost 3 years)
I stopped giving it to him 5/20/2005 and I have not noticed any difference in his blood glucose
Annie will keep us updated if things change from stopping the chromium supplement

Additonal Treats Annie feeds Max
Frozen pure pumpkin about 1/2 tsp. each 
Frozen green beans

This is the meal Queenie was fed for the eight years of her diabetic life.
Roast Beef or whatever meat we are eating that night for dinner 
brown longgrain rice not the instant kind 
raw oat bran - 1 tablespoon heaping (I use the brand made by Quacker in hot cereal section of market)
plain non fat white yogurt-one teaspoon
With Queenie I use half rice half meat combination to which I pour on some raw oat bran and add a teaspoon of yogurt mixing it with my hands.
Queenie weighed 27 pounds and had basically stayed at this weight for the last few years within a half a pound either way
Figure out the calories your pet requires for the day and mix accordingly 
I cook an entire roast beef and cut it up into pieces freezing in sandwich bags and pop one in microwave in the morning and mix with other ingredients. 
There is a great brown rice boil in the bag put out by Success which makes exactly two cups of cooked rice.
Supplements Queenie received with her food daily
one visorbit (dog vitamin) ..purchased from my veterinarian. 
100 i.u. of vitamin E (Jamieson Brand)
1/2 tab of ester C - contains echinacea (natural antibiotic) bioflavonoids and calcium

Hill's Homemade Canine Reducing Diet (provided by my vet who was given this sheet from Hill's)
1/4 lb. ground round or other lean beef
1/2 cup cottage cheese(uncreamed)
2 cups drained canned carrots
2 cups drained canned green beans
1 1/2 teaspoon dicalcium phosphate2 (dr bob did blood tests on queenie for calcium, potassium etc she did not need additional amounts of this in her food...so again see your vet and have a blood profile done which will determine calcium, potassium levels in your pet)
Cook beef in skillet, stirring until lightly browned: pour off fat and cool.
Add remaining ingredients and balanced vitamin-mineral supplement and mix well.
Keep covered in refrigerator. Yield 1 3/4 pounds
Protein  5.5%
Fat  1.7%
Carbohydrate 4.5 %
Moisture 86.0%
Metabolizable Energy  250kcal/lb
Feeding Guide:
Optimal body weight   Approximate daily feeding
5 lb......1/3 lb
10 lb....feed 2/3 lb
20 lb...feed 1 lb
40 lb...feed 1 3/4 lb

Homemade Treat using Science Diet W/D canned or dry
Homemade Treats from Hills - Thanks Virginia for sending this url
URL for Hill's this was found at 
but they removed it!
If you are using canned product(W/D), cut up some bite-sized pieces and bake in your microwave for approximately two and a half to three minutes. For a conventional oven bake at 350 degrees  for approximately thirty minutes or until desired texture.
If you are feeding the dry form, grind the kibbles into flour using a blender and mix with enough water to form dough. Shape into "cookies" and bake them on a cookie sheet in the oven for approximately thirty minutes at 350 degrees until crispy.
Garlic powder (no salt) may be added to enhance the palatability. All homemade treats need to be stored in the refrigerator no longer than five to seven days to maintain their freshness and prevent spoilage.
As you know, it is very important for your pet to stay strictly on the recommended food. However, giving your pet these tasty homemade treats will allow them to feel special!
These homemade treats should not exceed 5% of your pet's total daily intake as baking the treats does alter the nutritional characteristics of your pet's diet.

Dr. Pitcairn's Recipe for Diabetic Dogs
Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats 
by Richard H. Pitcairn, D.V.M.,Ph.D. & Susan Hubble Pitcairn
Read the book review on this book
(This book is one of my favourite books and I take it on vacations as it has a great emergency section in it)
Diabetes Diet for Dogs(from first edition book)
1 medium egg
1/2 cup lean or organ meat
2 3/4 cups cooked brown rice or other grain
1/4 cup grated or chopped vegetables
daily supplements as recommended(found elsewhere in book)
Combine all ingredients and serve.
In this book you will also find two diabetic recipes for cats!

Teddy's Diet - Owner Susan Jackson
Read Teddy's Story 
4 pounds boneless skinless chicken breast -- or beef stew mix, pot roast, etc. 
4 cups water 
1  cup pearl barley -- medium, or use Quaker Oats (not quick cook type) 
2  teaspoons salt (optional and use less if salt is in another ingredient) 
2 tablespoons olive oil 
1/4  cup each cornstarch and water, mixed in small bowl -- optional 
16 ounces frozen mixed vegetables -- or broccoli, carrot, cauliflower type mixes 
16 ounces frozen green beans 
28 ounces canned tomatoes 
Place water and barley in large, heavy Dutch oven. Add salt, oil and chicken.
Simmer for about 40 minutes. Remove chicken breasts to cool. 
Add cornstarch and water mixture to thicken, stirring minute or two, 
and then add vegetables to Dutch oven; cook about 5 minutes--don't overcook. 
Meanwhile cut up chicken. Remove pan from heat, add chicken and mix. 
Measure finished product, or weigh, and package in freezer bags and freeze. 
Notes: This is a diabetic dog recipe. For variety other ingredients can be added or substituted 
like chopped celery, Italian seasonings, fresh tomatoes or sugar-free spaghetti sauce in place 
of the canned tomatoes, fresh or frozen spinach, chopped cabbage (or coleslaw mix), squash, parsley. Thickening is optional. Other foods can be added when serving, such as 
scrambled eggs, canned Wysong all-meat dogfood, tuna, cottage cheese, etc. 
Teddy’s supplements:    Wysong’s C-Biotic 
Derm Caps (fish oil capsules) 

Peter's Recipe and Supplements
 Read Peter's Story Here 
Breakfast and dinner are 
½ cup of finely chopped low-glycemic veggies 
(such as green beans, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, lima beans, garbanzo beans, 
celery, peas, cabbage, tofu, etc) microwaved till just steaming. 
Stir in 1/3 cup of Canidae or Wysong kibble, 
1/4 cup of chopped baked or dried liver, heart or other meat 
and 1 tsp Wysong C-biotic. 
The aroma is surprisingly appetizing, he loves it and hasn’t turned down a meal since! 
He also gets a Pet-tab plus, and 250mg Vitamin C each morning. 
Lunch is a smaller portion of veggies & kibble, 
and his favorite snacks are more of the same meats. 
After diagnosis, he rapidly went from 32 lbs to 24 lbs, 
and has maintained at 24 lbs on this diet for many months. 

Pros and Cons of Homecooking for your dog
Read the article at www.peteducation.com on Home Diets 
If you are going to homecook for your canine you need to be consistent!
Homecooking does NOT mean table scraps.
The diet should be supplemented with a daily vitamin to ensure a balanced diet.
The advantage of the commercial products is that someone else does all the calculations 
and manufactures the food so that it is generally consistent, but there is absolutely
no reason you can't feed YOUR dog a homemade diet if you ARE consistent.

Recommended treats for the diabetic dog
Foods low on the glycemic index so blood glucose does not spike
Foods such as raw vegetables:
green beans
other raw green vegetables
frozen vegetables (Queenie liked them frozen especially in the hot summer heat)
I would even freeze Queenie  water and meat popsicles
(water and a little meat and put in a plastic bag and freeze like a long thin hotdog)

Margo's Recipe for Dehydrated Meat for Treats
Chicken Jerky - Dehydrator
Chicken breast meat
soy sauce or other seasoning of your choice
Place chicken in food processor and process until thoroughly ground, adding
seasoning to taste. Spread on plastic dehydrator sheets in small gobs and spread
very thin, using a spoon dipped in water. Follow dehydrator instructions, turning
half-way through the process. It took about 4-5 hours total to dry these.
If you don't have a food dehydrator then use cookie sheets sprayed with a bit of
oil and bake at a very low temperature. Turn over after about 2 hours. I don't
know about cats but all dogs just LOVE these.

Christy combines home cooking with boughten food
 Read Cheyenne's Story Here 
 I used Wellness Super 5dry with Cheyenne for a while with her home cooking.... 
She got 1/2 cup of dry 
with a cup of mixture(recipe for mixture follows)
3 heaping  tablespoons cottage cheese. 
I then switched her to Innova EVO and she gets 
1 cup of dry with 
1/2 cup of  the  mixture
3 heaping tablespoons of cottage cheese
I cook a turkey and grind it or buy ground turkey and cook it.  I use
about 10 pounds of turkey, 1 lb bag of Hanover mixed vegetables (or green
beans fresh or frozen) grind them up usually, and 3 cups of cooked brown
rice all mixed together. 

Max's Diet - Max is from Australia and owned by Sue
     See Max's Picture here!
    2 Kg Chicken Breast  or  Choice Minced Beef - Pancreatic dog - needs no more
     than 4% fat in diet if possible.
    800g frozen vegetables
    800g High Fibre Pasta
    Flavouring for taste - curry powder, or taco mix - or spag. bol - or packet
    casserole mix.

    Steam Chicken in Microwave - rinse afterwards
    Cook Mince on stovetop - but rinse of afterwards for any excess fat - even
    if choice beef will still have fat
    Steam vegetables - then mush up with blender
    Boil pasta

    Mix all together  thoroughly and this makes about 25 days of meals for Max.

    Can use Kangaroo meat but this would have to be raw as it smells dreadful
    and much worse if you cook it.  Kangaroo meat has no fat in it.

     Convert grams and kilograms to ounces and pounds here

Should I feed my dog BARF or raw meat
Dr. Jennifer addressed this question to the Rainbow Bridge Pet Diabetes Email Group
 Click here to Read her Letter 

What Ron feeds Amstel
 Read Amstel's Story and see his Picture
WalMart Ol' Roy Weight Management Dry (16 oz) 
1/2 can green beans
6 oz of chopped celery
sometimes add in 1/3 can of Alpo. 
Twice a day .... dog is 72 lbs. 
Note from Judy: My thoughts are any food is possible to regulate your diabetic dog on.
Consistency is the key!!


What Kathryn feeds Dakota
Read Dakota's Story and see his Picture Here! 
2 cups of Eukanuba Weight Maintenance
with 1/2 cup of warm ground hamburg and gravy twice a day. 
He is 44 pounds, but ideally should be 55 pounds. 
If he doesn't gain weight soon, I may consider Innova Evo.


This is Kellie's Recipe of Success for Blaze
See Blaze's Picture & Read His Story! 
4lbs Ground Turkey(Brown & Rinse Well)
7 cups cooked Brown Rice 
(2 of these cups of rice I blend up with the veggies & dressing along with 2 cups water)
1 cup Green Beans
1 cup Mixed Veggies
2 Tbsp Italian Dressing 
Mix Ground Turkey & 5 cups Cooked Brown Rice
Add the blended ingredients from above (2cups brown rice, veggies,dressing & water)
Blaze weighs about 13lbs & gets just over 3/4 cup twice daily along with a multi vitamin.
The above recipe makes 8 + days of food.
I store the additional food in glad individual containers & freeze them. I move them to the fridge a day in advance in order to thaw some. Heat in the microwave 30 seconds until warm & feed.
I began using Margo's Recipe, but have had to make some adjustments due to stomach & BG issues Blaze was having. This seems to be working well for him.
Kellie & Blaze




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