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 Dexter’s Story
Rainbow Bridge July 21, 2005

In the Fall of 1998, my Pekinese-mix 11½ -year-old doggie, Fievel was not doing well. 
He had recovered nicely from gall-bladder problems & then suddenly went blind, had arthritis 
& was crying all the time.  I went to PetSmart where a rescue group was having an adoption. 
I found a little dog my mom might want, so I called her.  She & my step-dad made their way 
up there & when I met them up there, they had Dexter on a leash & another dog named Jill in
their hands.  Mom couldn’t decide & I had been thinking of getting another dog for Fievel – 
I’d heard it helps bring out the “puppy” in older dogs.  So, I told her, you take the little one 
& I’ll take Dexter.  And so it came to be!  Mom renamed her doggie Macy & Dexter stayed
with his name, because he just is A Dexter! 

In July 2000, Dexter was running into the house from outside & when he got into the house, 
he screamed.  One back leg went out from under him & then the other one did.  Of course 
it was a Saturday, but at least my vet was open.  But my regular vet wasn’t there. 
They checked him out & said it was his back & that I could either try intravenous steroids 
or get him to the orthopedic vet.  After buckets of tears, I took him to the orthopedic vet, 
where he had a myelogram and underwent back surgery.  The vet said he had no deep pain 
sensation & probably wouldn’t walk.  It was a sad week he spent in the hospital – each day
I visited him & he looked so depressed & wouldn’t even eat his favorite treats – Beggin Strips. 
Well, the orthopedic vet suggested I put him down – NO WAY!  I brought him home &
we did physical therapy & went swimming almost every night in my mom’s spa.  Soon, 
Dexter was wagging his tail.  Four months after surgery – he was walking again!  The hair on his
back has only grown back “Mohawk” style, but he doesn’t seem to care one bit!  He either 
walks like a drunken sailor or hops like a bunny, but neither one of us cares!  I just want to
march into that orthopedist’s office and say pffffffft!  Dexter proved him wrong!  Around this 
time, Dex was also diagnosed as hypothyroid.  He’s on meds for that & doing well. 

THEN, in the end of September 2002, Dexter was tested for Cushing’s.  The test came back 
on the high end of normal.  Prior to this, his glucose tested in the normal range.  But because 
Dexter was exhibiting signs of Cushing’s, such as drinking gallons of water, peeing a lot & the
thinning hair, we decided to start him on Lysodren.  The vet did some basic bloodwork the day 
we started the Lysodren.  Lo & Behold, the lab results showed a glucose of over 500!  I bought 
some ketodiastix & his urine showed ketones.  The vet said, get him in here – we are starting 
Insulin.  Ever since starting the Insulin, Dex no longer drinks buckets of water & is doing sooo 
much better!  Thanks to Judy & all the folks on RainbowBridge, Dexter’s life and my sanity were
saved!  Dexter stopped taking the Lysodren and has had no more symptoms of Cushing’s.  We 
are still working on getting him regulated & I have a wonderful vet, which is a true blessing. 

I would never trade my years thus far with Dexter for anything…he’s my light & love! 
He’s been through so much in his short 4½ years with me & is such a fighter. 
He’s taught me a lot about unconditional love and patience. 

My little boo-boo! 

 Dexter's Rainbow Bridge Page 

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