What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet!

Rainbow Bridge-October 2, 2005

I was born on crisp New England spring day in the historic town of  Bristol, Rhode Island.  The day on the calendar was April 8, 1992. As I was later told, I was hand picked by my Mom, Jeanne, the day I was born.  When I was a rambunctious six weeks old, Mom came by to pick me up.  She was excited and so was I. In her handÖ she held my very first giftÖ a red collar that was almost bigger than me!  In the palm of her hand I went home with her, with my four legs dangling, my body supported by her soft warm hand. 

Right from the start it was apparent that my middle name was trouble.  Therefore, Mom named me DAHLIA, not after the beautiful flower but after the 1947 mystery of the Black Dahlia.  They say Black Dahlia was a naughty woman and I guess the name fits me. Now I donít mean to get in trouble but when the sun is out and the flowers are in bloom, I just canít resist going for a walk for hours on end (most of the time without Mom!) I like to visit my neighbors and of course enjoy the food I find along the way. I guess ďIím just a girl that canít say no!Ē Rogers and Hammerstein Oklahoma 

I love to swim; I love to bask in the sun and of course snuggling in front of a winterís fire is a special joy of mine. Mom loves me and spoils me rotten. I wanted a sister so in 1998, Mom brought home Sasha.  Her birthday is February 8, 1998.   She is a real pest, but my best buddy. She is in the pictures below. Cute huhh?  Now for my storyÖ

In 2002, I was diagnosed with a very severe blood disease after months of treatment I recovered.  In 2003, I had a lot of trouble walking and was drinking way too much, I was diagnosed with diabetes. By February 2004 I was nearly blind.  In July 2004 I had cataract surgery.  Mom dropped me off in the morning blind confused and scared and by the afternoon I watched her come through the door. She was a welcome sight that warmed my heart.  But, boy did I hate that cone on my head!  Today, May 2005, age 13, my diabetes is under control, I intend to keep Mom, her Knight in Shining Armor and Sister Sasha company for years to come.

Lots and Lots More Pictures of ME!

Aren't I cute and cuddly!

Honest Mom....Sasha did it!

Playing with my sister Sasha!
Leaves are so much fun to lay in!

It has been such a long day!

Is it really time for a nap!
I will dream of swimming at the lake!

Who could resist my eyes!

A party just for me!

I love swimming with Sasha!

Swimming by myself is great too!

Yep they put that cone on my head!
Dahlia had cataract surgery in both eyes with lens.  Very successful.

I was 12 when my Mom took me for cataract surgery. It was very costly, with endless
hours of time and dedication on her part. As I mentioned above, I live in Rhode Island and 
the surgeon who performed my surgery was great. Thank You to Dr. Kenneth Abrahams! 
It is amazing that I could not see my Mom when she dropped me off but ran to her when she
picked me up the same day.  At that time I was on several kinds of eye drops every two
hours for either 24 or 48 hours. Then back to the surgeon for a recheck.  After that drops 
went into my eyes every 4 hours for 1 - 2 weeks, most of the time I did not want to wake up
for them.  With my Mom working, my Aunt Betty had to visit a lot to ensure my drops 
were giving.  Thank you Aunt Betty!  I still get eye drops and enjoy everything I see. 

For those of you deciding on cataract surgery my Momís advice to you is: 
Good luck all the time and money is worth me seeing again. 

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