What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?

My little Yorkie, Cookie, who is 13 years old...14 in August, has been 
diagnosed diabetic since April of 2000.  She has been difficult to regulate, 
but we are both doing our best!  She is now eating a homemade diet and 
regulation is much better.  (She had a severe bout of pancreatitis when she 
was 6 years old and recovered completely after a week at the vet's and 
several years of a homemade diet.) 
    I am writing principally to report about her cataract surgery and lens 
implants.  She had the surgery 2 weeks ago...she could see that day!!  The 
eye vet said her vision would even improve over the next month.  According to 
him, diabetic dogs also have an advantage over others in that they do not 
form (usually) a great deal of scar tissue in their eyes after surgery. 
    Cookie and I are both so elated with the results, I just wanted to share 
them with you and the members of a pet diabetes email list support group. 
    I live in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina and would recommend 
this vet ophthamologist most highly! 

All the best,Ann 

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