News Alert... This just in!!
Margo who freelances for CNN as a photographer has managed 
to take the following pictures....This is totally remarkable!
A haggis was spotted in a place called "Aberfoyle"

As you love your food Judy if you ever come to Scotland 

you will have to sample Haggis. 
Don't believe a word what you hear regarding it's ingredients!!!!! 
Below is a little story of what Haggis really is!!!!

A haggis is a small animal native to Scotland. 
Well when I say animal,
actually it's a bird with vestigial wings - like the ostrich. 
Because the habitat of the haggis in exclusively mountainous, 
and because it is always found on the sides of Scottish mountains, 
it has evolved a rather strange gait. 
The poor thing has only three legs, 

- and each leg is a different length -
the result of this is that when hunting haggis,
you must get them on to a flat plain 
- then they are very easy to catch -
they can only run round in circles.
The above pictures are Margo's 

This is some of the email conversation that took
place on April 30th, 2005

Judy:  "And Margo designed the haggis!!! Sweet Margo!!!" 
Connie:  "All of us believe you are good Margo!!!!! Eh NOT!!!!!"

From the innocent lips of Margo:
"Judy, CONNIE is bad, I just said she was going to get it from you. 
I'm  being good...."

From the beak of Connie:
"Oh c'mon Judy you're not going to be nasty to me are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That
story was true!!!! Haggis are wee beasties and I have a picture to prove it!!!!!"

Judy:  "I don't know who to believe because Margo sent me 
the REAL picture of the haggis pictured above and it
seems to fit the description that you ... Connie gave!!!"

Look at the above picture Connie....

Connie's reply upon seeing the above picture.
Connie:  "Okay Judy you are dead!!!! ROF!!!! 
Nice Legs though don't you agree!!!!! "

Judy:  " I did not make the three legged beastie--Margo sweet Margo did"

Connie:  "Ah ha so the culprit has been caught!!!! Shame on you Margo blaming 
poor Judy for getting up to Monkey business 
(or should I say HAGGIS business) when it
was you all along!!!!!!! Naughty naughty naughty!!!!"

 Judy:  Ok we must let the group decide!!

 I will give your pictures equal exposure Connie.
And then I guess we will have to put it to a vote
-the explanation and see who the Rainbow Bridge Group believes-
They will not be swayed by bribery
Your offer to ship each member a Picnic chocolate bar 

if they vote for you will not SWAY them!

The group is very democratic and will go with the facts!

This was just posted by our very own Connie:
"Hi Group
Margo is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. 
My Picture is a GENUINE Haggis Margo has doctored hers!!! 
I'm Scottish remember so I should know what
the genuine article looks like but please don't let me sway your votes!!!!!!
As if I would!!!!! (evil grin on my face)!!!! 
Anyone who votes for me will be sent a dozen free Haggis!! 
All you have to do is feed them occasionally
and give them plenty of water. They are such sweet cute Animals 
I know you won't be able to resist my generous offer!!!

Reply posted by our very own Margo to Connie's above bribe.
"Seems to me someone described them
as ostrich-like birds with three legs....right?"

Judy:  "I am very shocked at the following vote from Gail"
"Your heartfelt plea for votes has definitely swayed me Connie.  I will
definitely be voting for you UNLESS Margo comes up with a better offer."

I did not think our members could be bribed!
Margo:  "PS: I did not put that head on the ostrich-like Haggis either."

Update Update--News Alert--this just in

From: "Karen Baldassarre" <kbaldassarre@houston.rr.com> 
To: <queenie@mnsi.net> 
Subject: Aunt Judy
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005 17:19:06 -0500 

Dear Aunt Judy
I had the web cam going and snapped this picture when Mom wasn't looking
woof woof, I have been trying to send it to you for some time, woof woof but Mama would not leave the computer room. woof !!woof !! Don't forget to send me my box of diabetic milk bones!!

Love Loki

p.s. Loki said "woof woof... I tis voting for my Auntie Margo and it is not 
because she sent me a box of diabetic milk bones.  I be sitting
munching on my diabetic milk bone..woof woof"

Here are some of the facts:
On one side there is Margo 
who works for CNN as a freelance photographer.
Here is the picture that Margo took and again she works for CNN

and on the other side we have Connie 
who works for Geraldo Rivera as a freelance photographer
AND writes stories for the National Enquirer
Here is the picture she has provided!

Judy in case of a tie will cast the deciding vote :)

Anyone can vote by sending a simple Connie or Margo
to Judy ---   queenie@mnsi.net
Feel free to send this link to every group that you are on.
Voting will remain open until May 31st, 2005


Connie's Version and Pictures
remember Connie is a freelance photographer for Geraldo Rivera
and this just in
Connie is a writer for the National Enquirer
For Judy!!!!!!! Who is a bit of a doubting Thomas!!!!!!!! LOL

Some time: Given the inequality of Haggian leg lengths, does it 
not follow that, if we look down upon the hill from above, there 
must be clockwise and counter-clockwise roaming Haggis? 
Does this not complicate mating habits? 

Now, here's an intelligent question (at last!). I've been wondering how long it would take someone to ask this one, so I have already researched the reply. 

When the wee yins are born, the female haggis, like all aquatic, avian animals, suckles her young. Haggis however are sticklers for protocol, and the male wee yins suckle on the left side, while the females are restricted to the right side. (In the very few instances where all the wee yins are of one sex only, this does cause the odd little problem). 

The effect of this is for the male legs to develop in such a way that when they mature, they run in a clockwise circle, while the females run in anti-clockwise circles. (I say circles here, but really, it's only when a haggis finds flat ground that it runs in circles). 

Now of course, mating couldn't be easier - perhaps I should draw a diagram: 

As the above two are quite innocently going about their daily foraging, it is a certainity they will meet, beacause as the male forages in a clockwise direction, while the female goes anti-clockwise, provided they are at the same level, they will shortly meet, and the inevitable courtship ritual ensues - the male asks her out, gives her a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, and takes her to the pictures. (Just joking actually - Haggis don't go to the pictures - they don't have any money). 

Now before I depart this subject, I must mention the puir wee yins where the whole family are unfortunate enough to be of one sex only. Well, the mother requires relief (like all mammals) in this situation, so she sets up a rota where some suckle one side one day, and then move over to the other side the next. The unfortunate results of this procedure are two fold. First of all, the puir wee yins don't know what sex they are, and grow up with a major identity crisis, but even worse, they grow up with three equal length legs. 

Many years ago, these strange beasties did not survive long, but in more modern times, provided they manage to find a road, they will make their way down from the hills, into the towns and cities, provided they don't get flattened by passing traffic. Here they forage in dustbins, and get what food they can from passing kind hearted people, but alas, they will never find the joys of mating, as they are destined never to meet another haggis, and even if they do, they would be too embarrassed to say anything, because they are never quite sure whether it's a male or a female. 

Sad, isn't it ? 


I think my vote will have to go with the CNN reporter --Margo
as it seems our sweet lass from Scotland named Connie got her
information from the above url and from John's Description
that Connie so kindly provided us with
"Well, when I say animal, actually it's a bird with vestigial wings - like the ostrich"
as it fits the description to a tee.

Want to know more about Connie??

 Note from Judy:  And I thought we were talking about Haggen-Daz Ice Cream


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