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What could be sweeter then a Pet with Diabetes

1994 - January 9, 2007

Conan came into my life May of last year and he was from the now defunct Furkids 
rescue, and his foster mommy was coming out here for a Physician's Assistant's
conference, so she brought him out to me. I am still in touch with her and she is
happy that a diabetic owner has him and can care for him. Little growl factory is a 
vocal doggedie who loves belly rubs and scritches on his ears. Her is far more at ease
now here and when we come home, his whole butt wags with the tail. He is very food
motivated, and goes nuts when he sees the syringe come out. He is a tad arthritic 
and has a stiffness in his neck, so I'll sit with him in my lap and massage him for a bit.
He will sit there and half growl "MMMMM....MMMMMMMM" while he's getting his
rubdown. Despite sounding like a barbarian when growling, he can put on the most
heart wrenching whimpers if he feels I am not sharing the jerky sticks fast enough. He
has since acquired the nickname of Con-Man. He was diagnosed IDDM in December
of 1999. He is almost nine years old, has some cataracts, and yet will tell the other
doggers around here where to park it if they get too loud and vociferous with mommy! 
He has barreled into Toby and attacks the vacuum cleaner while I am sweeping the 
rugs. Picture a black ball of fur jumping onto a Fantom Fury! It is hilarious!

He is on Lantus now, as it seemed his fructosamines were far better on it than NPH.
I feed him normal food as the high fiber gave him the green apple 2-step. He is also
not in pain or such like he was before. I think he had a trouble similar to one with 
lactose intolerance when I was feeding him the Eukaneuba Glucose control.

Jenny Sutherland

 As far as I go, I use an insulin Pump with NovoLog insulin and it is much
better than the shots. With those, I was chasing the insulin with food. Now,
I can eat when and fairly much what I want to. I found the pump to be the
more intelligent of choices and fought hard for it. After eighteen years of
IDDM, I have no complications of the diabetes at all.
Ibook, iPod, Cables, PDA, Insulin pump, BG meter....
Yeah, I'm ready to go now......

Conan's Family Album

My Mom Jenny
She is at Rick's
A bit of an APPLE presentation...
I think all knows how much she 
LOVES Windows (NOT!)

Mom's Daddy
Daddy- My late father, who died on Sept 11, 2001
at the age of 89 from having had a stroke. 
Thankfully, he was not aware of the happenings of
that day. He was a quiet guy, retired Machinist 
and engineer.

Rainbow Bridge 2-11-05
 Tessie's Rainbow Bridge Page
Border collie mix from the shelter, we’re guessing her age at 11 as she was about a year old when we got her.

I smell tacos!- This is tater Tot, about 3 now. I got him from the New England Pomeranian Rescue. He was shipped out 
to me from Massachusetts!

Tobaby:  Toby 
My first ‘wee son’ from Northern
Ireland. He turned 12 on May 1, 2003.
I brought him back when I came home
upon my mother’s death in 1992.
He is a Lab/Terrier X, so I can safely 
call him an “Irish Terrierist”

Faxie and companion Ball
She is a baby I got from a back yard 
breeder, and is roughly 7 years old now.
She waits for another ‘Victim” to enslave
with “Throw the ball! You will throw the
ball.... Throw the ball! You will throw the
ball.... Throw the ball! You will throw ....

My_Baby – This is Peanut
My first Pommie!
He was born Oct 1 1994
and is a regal cuddles who thinks all the baby talk and such is ‘Beneath him’...Yet, he is always there for more <G>

Jenny's Other Baby
My other computer...
You all are in here too, as are some of the pics of YOUR babies!! The iPod has my music and such in it too.


The Ultimate Machine

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Conan's Midi Player

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