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Chupa or Kadee
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June 13th, 2003
Our little Kadee (Chupa) is coming to her new home in the morning! 
She will arrive via Delta Airlines Pet First cargo at 10:21 am, IF it isn't too hot.
I'm so excited that Winston will have his little sister. 
Will keep you posted.

Hilary and Winston.

June 14th, 2003
We picked Chupa up from the airport this morning. She is really cute!
She took right to us and to Winston. Winston is still a little unsure, but he is
tolerating her sniffing and is starting to do some sniffing back.  I sent a
few pictures to Judy for her to post. I have a very good feeling about having
her here! I'm not sure whether to call her Kadee or Chupa, they both fit well.
When you see the pictures tell me which you vote for. THANK YOU ALL! 
for helping to make this happen.

Hilary, Winston (dd) and Chupa (dd)

note from Hilary on June 14th, 2003
 They are a little reserved with each other but no problems. Chupa is very adaptable and Winston is just a little uncertain since he can't see her.

She has arrived in Utah!!!


getting back scratch from Daddy

Chup being held by daddy


Winston and Chupa
new brother and sister


Chupa is dreaming about flying across country to her new home in Utah!

Background about this brave little diabetic dog!

Letter from Sandra to Judy

this dog (they think) is diabetic.  at a rescue I work with in OH.  can you pass this on to your group and see if anyone might be interested????  says no out-of-state adoptions, but perhaps you have someone in OH, or they MAY be willing to make an exception for a special needs placement if one of your diabetic homes is a good fit.  never hurts to ask.  I recently picked up an eskie from them...great group!

thanks.  --sandra

I posted the following information to the Rainbow Diabetes Email List!
Wednesday, May 28, 2003 
Hi, my name is ĎKadeeí and I am a very sweet little girl, although still very sad right now because although I have a foster home, I still havenít found a permanent home yet. Nothing is known of my history Ö I was left in the night drop at the animal shelter without any information given Ö so not only am I adjusting to a new place right now, Iím also trying to get used to a new name, a new routine, new food, new people, and new Ďfriendsí (those would be the other dogs and cats in my foster home). Although a little standoffish at first, Iíve warmed up to my foster mom in the last couple of days and am even asking to sleep in bed with her now too! For the most part, you donít even know Iím around Ö Iím housebroken and donít need to be crated. Iím excellent in the car and like to go for walks. I havenít met a dog or cat I didnít like and Iím looking forward to meeting some kids sometime soon, too. Iím the perfect lap dog or apartment or traveling size and will do my best to fit into whatever niche you have for me if you will just give me a chance. (Brussells Griffon/Lhasa Apso mix, spayed female, ~5 years old, ~18lbs) 

ADDENDUM: After spending a week or so with Forgotten4-paws, it became obvious to my foster mom that I drank way too much, consequently causing me to need to potty too often, and that I tired easily. We went to the vet about a week ago (beginning of May) and discovered that not only did I have a raging bacterial infection in my urinary tract (which I am now taking antibiotics to help me fight it), but my blood glucose was also too high, making me a diabetic of some sort. Further tests are pending, but for right now, I am eating a special diet for diabetic dogs (Prescription Diet w/d canned) and getting an insulin injection once a day! I know this sounds like a lot to understand and Iím very worried that no one will want to adopt me now, but I am hopeful that someone will look past my health imperfections and look deeper into my wonderful soul and see that I really am a wonderful dog and will still make an incredible life long companion Ö please still consider adopting me, please! 

Sent: Monday, June 02, 2003 11:45 PM
Subject: Kadee


Do you know if Kadee is still up for adoption?  My husband and I feel she would be a good match for us.  Winston is a 9 year old mini schnauzer and is 17#, very gentle and in need of a companion.  He is diabetic, we check his BGs and give him insulin 2 x day and he is blind.  He has a bladder stone and will be having surgery tomorrow.  We lost our other dog, age 13, Winston's life-long companion, on May 22nd. She was also special needs as she was blind and hypoglycemic.  We live in Tooele, Utah and would send a plane ticket for her.  I'm not sure who to address a letter to, at Forgottten4paws, to be sure it isn't just dismissed since we are out of state.



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