Christmas 2004

KitKat owns Judy and Terry Dick of Leamington, Ontario
MaMa I think I see a birdie! I do! I do!

Mr. Mack   sulking because Mom wouldn't let him help
decorate for Christmas............aww why NOT Kris??

Woof Woof Merry Christmas 
Owned by Linda and Zach
from Novato, California

These woman need to know I am Lord and Master of the Warf domain!
owned by Barb Warf

hmmmmmmmmm what should I do next, or where should I run
owned by Barb Warf

I am so beautiful and laying in the sun is so very warm and comfy!
Eat your heart out all you Tom  Cats!
owned by Barb Warf

Louie and Sam
Oh those precious memories of Sam
Owner of Louie is Danna the Brat :)

OH my these two take one's breath away.
Proud owner Dottie.

Merry Christmas from half the Kirby Clan
Miss Lacey, Miss Tabitha, Mr. Herman
Miss Kricket, Rascal and Bailey

Merry Christmas from the second half of the Kirby Clan
Rocko, Mr Peeps & Whispers, Clinger
Lady and Dante, Me and My Shadow

Oh Mom when is Santa coming...I sleepy!
owner Nancy Focht

owned by Nancy Focht

owned by Nancy Focht

owned by Nancy Focht

Mom you said if I put the hat on ...I would get some catnip!
Owners Judy and Steve Windham

2004 Picture of Kelsey and Patrick
Where do you ask is Kelsey....
The black poodle sitting on Santa's other knee of course.
Hey Mom...camera can see me...Patrick

Pudgy & Kookie Doodle with Santa, Christmas 2004 
Owner Elizabeth

Owner Elizabeth
OH OH I am so handsome!

Owner Dianna
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer has nothing on my!

Bella, Sylvia & Cassie
Owner Christy

Cheyenne, Rebel & Axl
Owner Christy

My name is Jordi...woof woof
Me and My Mom Kathy wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Ashley is leading the sleigh on Christmas Eve.
I hope I get a good treat Mom...this posing is hard work.
Owner Sharon

Look Mom someone wrapped me up for Christmas!!
Owner Stacy

Waiting for Santa at Peter & Jeanie's house . . .

Tyke sitting by his Rudolph
Owner Glenna

Loki (dd), Sammy (ndc), and Merlin (ndc)
Look out Merlin because my paw is on your head.
Owner Karen

Angel Pets

The people on our list make it the most special
unique email list for owners of diabetic pets.
We all care for each other .... forever!
This was posted by Charls!!!!

Subject: [RB] Merry Christmas From The Sugar Babies 
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 

I love working with rescue groups and finding homes for new babies. 
I love all of the neat things my friends in the soap world have taught me.
But most of all, I love working with the Sugar Babies. 
I love seeing them beat the odds and adjust to their illnesses. 
I love the moms and dads who fight diabetes with their pets. 
And I love all of those Sugar Babies who went on to become Angels 
- who stand guard over us.. 
Merry Christmas From The Sugar Babies Across The World  http://www.caninediabetes.org/christmas2004.html

I love you Mama as I look down to Earth from above.

Merry Christmas from Queenie
Rainbow Bridge March 3, 2003
Mom...there is unlimited roast beef here!

Kacey's Last Christmas 2003
Flying on Golden Wings

Brenna Angel  in her Christmas sweater looking ever so proud!

was owned by Brenda
Looking down at you Mom from the Bridge.

Minni just went to the bridge October 30th 2004. 
"Minni Pinni is, was and always will be my Heart".
Mom of Minni and Tiger is Roz Price

Tiger went to the bridge January 16th 2004. 
      "Tigerinie, she was my Happy Tail".

Ebony will forever be in our hearts!
Remembered always by Judy and Steve Windham

Angel Oliver always loved Christmas and his favorite activity 
of all the year was to romp in the Christmas wrappings

Angel Pumpkin's Last Christmas.
Christmas night 2002...Pumpkin at his favorite chair.
Just going to help you prepare Mom. I know you need my help.

Wiggly (left), Slimey (top right), Hopple (in front)
Angel Wiggly's last Christmas--Christmas 2003

Precious Angel Melissa
Best Wishes for the Holiday Season,
Gail, Butch (ndd)

Ender Wiggin 
Ender is meeting lots of new friends and some old ones at the bridge now.
In Bonnies Brewer's Heart Forever.

May all of our Bridge Pets Unite!

A message from all of the pets at the Rainbow Bridge.

All of us pets that are at the bridge want to wish
our earthbound Moms and Dads
A Merry Christmas!
Remember we are always watching over you!
We are the twinkle of the star in the night!
We are the warmth of the sun on your skin!
We are the wind that gently touches your cheek!
We are in your heart and souls forever!
I am in your heart where I belong.

I love you, I love you, I love you."

They are watching over us always.



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