What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet!


Charlee & Abby
Hello everyone!  I am one of the "newbies" on here.  The end of May, one of my girls, Charlee, was diagnosed with diabetes.  I hope these pictures comes through as she is the one on the left.  The white schnauzer is Abby, and we have another silver schnauzer, Maxine, but she doesn't like to have her picture taken!   Also, we have a golden retriever and a cat.  Thank the good Lord that all of them are healthy! 

Anyway, on June 10th, Charlee's blood sugar was 438!  She is on "L", and so we went from 3 units to 5 units.  My husband took her to the vet for a recheck today and it is down to 326!  I know this is still WAY TOO HIGH, but at least it is coming down.  We increased the insulin from 5 units to 8 twice a day and will probably go up again next Monday.  Hopefully it will be down even further by then.

Just wanted to share this good news with everyone! I really appreciate getting everyone's e-mails and knowing that there are A LOT of "parents" out there going through the same thing.

I know we will be fine....just upsetting to know that one of our girls has something wrong with her that we can not heal!  That REALLY hurts but we know all we can do is make sure that she gets everything that is needed to live a long, healthy life.  This support group has been wonderful for me even though I don't send out many e-mails, I still read them.

Thanks again.
Sherry Kersting 

More Pictures!

It's me Charlee again and Abby too!

Abby and Obie
The little Jack Russell is my sister's.  He is a handful...almost 5 moths old!

Abby and Obie Rumbling!

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