Helpful Cataract Journals for Canines with Diabetes Mellitus
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Your canine may have developed cataracts from diabetes.  Unfortunately it is a side effect that dogs develop from high blood glucose.  Some dogs develop them very quickly and some do not.  Queenie was diabetic for eight years and did not develop them until the last six months of her life and at that time Dr Bob said they were just from her elderly age and he could still see the back of her retina. 

When your dog becomes regulated you can consider having cataract surgery done.  It is expensive.  You don't have to have this done as many dogs learn to move around just fine as they use scent more then any of their senses.  When a dog goes blind gradually the owner sometimes does not even realize it as the pet has compensated by using scent to get where they want.  The problem with diabetic dogs is that they sometimes go blind very rapidly so they are bewildered and the owner is suffering for them as  because no one wants to see their beloved pet go blind.

Here are some pages you can read on owners that have had cataract surgery done.
These pages will tell you what to expect and what the cost was where the owner had the surgery done.

Bill Wilson's Journal on Mackie's Cataract Surgery

Mary Jo's Journal on Rosie's Cataract Surgery

Kathy's Journal on Beringer's Cataract Surgery

Edward Murray's Journal on Anna's Cataract Surgery
On this page you will also find explanation of cataracts

Eileen and Phyllis share information about Cataract Surgery 

On this link you will find some older member's journals on cataract surgery
Plus an explanation of what is a cataract by Michael Zigler DVM, Cert.V.Ophthal

Where to find an ophthalmologist in your area

If your dog has gone blind some of the members put together a helpful tips page

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