What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!

Buster Bailey
Buster Bailey is 10 years old now. My mom and I have had him since he was ten weeks old, he always has been the apple of my mom's eye. He is her blue eyed man! On April 29, 2007 my mom was outside and saw him walking around the backyard sniffing around trying to find the doggie door, and then my mom went over to him and it seemed that he was blind all of a sudden. We rushed him over to the emergency vet's were he spent three days in the ICU and they had explained to us that he was diabetic and that it seems that he lost his sight. We didn't know what to do really, we came right home and started researching what to do if your dog is blind and is diabetic. We had many issues with the Vet that took care of him at the emergency hospital, so we checked him out and took him to our Vet of ten years, and that is where it turned around for us. When we first brought him home, he wouldn't eat and everyday we were traveling forty miles one way to vets office and dropping Buster off so they could care for him and start to get his glucose levels under control. Finally about one month into this whole ordeal we were able to start testing him, getting him to eat on a regular basis and giving him his insulin. 

Now you would never know he is blind or diabetic, we take him on his morning walks and he is as alert as can be. He eats chicken, barley, brown rice, spinach and a doggie multi-vitamin, and he is always looking for more. We make him home made diabetic approved doggie treats that our other two dogs love just as much as he does! He has lost a good twenty pounds but he is full of life! He enjoys swimming again and playing with the other dogs! Recently I bought Buster a brand new collar that states that he is "Blind and Diabetic" in case for some reason he were to get out and just for people to know that just because he is blind does mean he isn't a normal dog and he can do anything and everything another dog does, and that includes sleeping on my mom's bed at night!!! 

Proud Owners of Buster,

Stacey (Daughter) and Karen (Mom)

If any one is interested in Buster's collar that I enclosed the picture of please let me know, I do order it thru a government website AAFES so if they are unable to log on I can place orders for them and have it shipped. I am extremely willing to help out any other babies and baby's owners if I can! 

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