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What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet.

Hi!! I'm Buster a Dog with attitude!!!!
I was eight weeks old and all my Brother's and Sister's had gone to new homes.
I was the only Puppy left.

I was in a Kennel with Newspaper for my bed, one day I saw this couple come in and
thought Hmmmmm!! They look nice, they were looking at Labrador puppies and I 
didn't think I stood a chance. I put on my most pitiful look and then I saw the Lady
look at me, next thing the Kennel Maid handed me to her, I licked her face and looked
up at her with my most pitiful look. It worked!!!! That Lady is now my Mom.
We had a long journey back to my new home and when I arrived I had a look around 
and thought this looks nice, yes!!! I think I could make myself at home here. I had 
my own comfy bed ,a Garden to run around in and also had everyone wrapped 
around my little Paw. Life settled down and I became the center of attraction, 
going walks, holidays, playing and loads of Love.

One day I wasn't feeling too well and Mom and Dad took me to the Vet. I had
Pancreatic Insufficiency, whatever that was and had to have this Powder mixed 
in with my food, well that was ok, I was getting lovely tidbits put in with my food 
so not so bad, life went on and then I noticed I had to get my Mom and Dad up 
through the night to let me out to the Toilet and was drinking a lot, back to the Vet, 
I now have this thing called Diabetes where Mom has to Inject me with Insulin 
but it's okay and it doesn't hurt, I now get even more special meals. I have 
attitude though, no soft touch!!! I do have my moments when if I am in the mood 
I will let Mom or Dad scratch me and you know what!!!! 

I can still put that pitiful look on and get away with Murder!!!

Update - Thu, 21 Apr 2005 
Happy Updates Makes Everyone Feel Good!!

Hi Judy
 It's now over 2 years since Buster was diagnosed with Diabetes and I'm wondering if you could please add these Pictures to Buster's page.  Buster is still on 1 Insuvet Injection per day and is doing really well.

OH OH I love Christmas....lots of presents for me!

Buster takes on The Hoover......
hmmm looks like a lot of your hair in that Hoover...

OK where is that url I was looking for.

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