A Canine with Diabetes Mellitus
What Could Be Sweeter Than a Diabetic Pet?

Rainbow Bridge - October 12, 2007

Buddy came to our family on September 5, 2001. He was approximately three years 
old, according to the vets. I was divorced and back living with my elderly parents. 
We had a Beagle named Murphy who had died of cancer on June 14th. Though I 
just wanted to go to the shelter and pick out a cute pooch, my Mom wanted
another Beagle. But I knew what she really wanted was Murphy. So we searched
around and found Buddy right in our own local animal shelter. He had been found 
wandering around the city, no ID and no one coming to look for him. We brought
him home in the car and he was just so thrilled. We walked in the front door and he
literally froze for a few minutes, just scared out of his mind. He then proceeded to 
walk around the entire house for approximately 90 minutes, sniffing every inch. 
My mother thought he was nuts. She wanted to name him Murphy also, but I 
didn't think that was fair to him. The workers at the shelter had named him Teddy.
I thought that was cute, but my Mom didn't like it. Yes my Mom did always get her 
way. I then remembered a film called "Regarding Henry", where Harrison Ford buys
a Beagle puppy and his daughter names it Buddy. So hence the name. Though I 
must mention that half the time my Mom called him Murphy anyways.

Buddy's life was not to be easy. He suffers from anxiety separation and of course
he was with us right before 9/11. Then in March of 2002, I became seriously ill and
was hospitalized for four weeks. So, I was gone and my parents were at the hospital 
everyday. Three months later, my Dad collapsed and died right here in the house at 
the age of 83. And now he was gone, my Mom was severely depressed and I was
trying to hold it together. Two months later, my Mom had a heart attack. She was in
the hospital for only a week, but I was there everyday and Buddy was alone again.
Four short months later, in December, my Mom collapsed from a severe stroke and
died here in the house also. Makes you wonder about this house, doesn't it. But 
Buddy and I were together always. I was on disability and so depressed at the loss 
of my parents and so obsessed with being just me and Buddy. In February of 2004,
Buddy started drinking water like we lived in the middle of the desert. I knew in my
heart that it was diabetes, but I was so hoping it wasn't. The vet confirmed this and 
began the battle to give the insulin shots, which became a wrestling match between 
me and Buddy. But only one month later, Buddy developed severe pancreatitis. He
was in the vets for a good ten days and so close to death, but miraculously pulled 
through. With the help of the wonderful people of The Rainbow Bridge network, 
Buddy and I are now in a routine and no longer have wrestling matches with his shots.
However, eye drops are another story. Buddy developed cataracts and unfortunately 
had already had optic nerve damage and therefore is mostly blind and cannot have 
the surgery. But his does very well getting around and hopefully will for many years to
come. I believe that God sent Buddy to me because he knew that I indeed was 
going to need a Buddy and I do. I thank God everyday for my Buddy.

"Do Small Things With Great Love" Mother Teresa
Regina Caschetto


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