What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?

Bucky's Story
Bucky is a miniature American Eskimo and he thinks Queenie is just as cute as Ö. well Öa minature American Eskimo can get.

Bucky was born November 7, 1995, and we have known him, since he was one of five little white rats. He came home at eight weeks. We got him from an acquaintance who is a "backyard" breeder.

He was diagnosed on his fifth birthday November 7, 2000
At that time he weighed a waddling 40 pounds. His primary symptoms were very high water consumption and he was quite lethargic. The lethargy was probably due to his spoiled, overweight condition. He was put on a strict doggy diet and is now a handsome 25 pounds.

Initially the vet put him on 6 units of humilin once a day. He seemed to stabilize within a month at 8 units a day. Everyone was pleased. He had curves done once a week the first month, then every two weeks, then once a month. In the third month we finished the first bottle of humilin and his next curve was high and cyclic so dosage was changed to 8 units, twice a day. Two curves later he is at 6.8 units twice a day. We have never done home testing, either urine or bg, but will probably start now that Iíve read so much about it in the Muffin mail bag. 

Carolyn cooks for him based on a recipe consisting of oatmeal, rice, broccoli, carrots, and ground beef or chicken which has been cooked and de-fatted. Heís always been a fussy eater and is not overly fond of this combination or any of the several variations she keeps trying but eventually he finishes his dinner. We also tried several of the various recommended dry products. They have all received the nose up treatment as have any of the wet or canned special diets. Baking the canned stuff as a cookie worked for a week or so, but didnít last. His favorite food is whatever we are eating be it pork chops, steak, chicken, roast beef or french fries. His favorite treat is Vita-Snaps, according to the box, have no sugar additives and comparatively low fat. In the morning he must have his snap or six in a tennis ball which is cut half way through at the seam.

He had two serious pancreatitus attacks, one when he was 3 and another about a year later. Each took 4 days of hospitalization with intravenous fluids and nothing by mouth to clear up. The vet and we feel these contributed greatly to his diabetic condition.

He also tends to bite or lick at his feet a lot, which our vet initially diagnosed as an allergic reaction. Prednisone was prescribed and worked fairly well but is not really useable now with his diabetic condition. 

The web has been a God send. Bucky has been a real life saver to us and better than any anti-depressant any doctor could prescribe. It is impossible to wakeup grouchy or stay in the blues with his bright disposition and cheerful lick-your-face wake up. He is a wonderful member of our family and has only one bad habit Ė he can hear things before they happen and must bark to either prevent them or to alert the world of their impending occurrence, we arenít sure which. Of course the house is dreadfully silent those days when heís having a curve done.

We are still getting familiar with the Pet Diabetes website. It is certainly a wonderful service you are providing. The e-mails really seem quite helpful and caring. I hope we can add our experience and be useful to other dog lovers when it seems appropriate. 

Bill & Carolyn & Bucky

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