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Weight - 28 pounds
Kind of insulin - Humulin L
What you are currently feeding - currently she's eating canned Pedigree
How many shots a day - Two - 6 units each time
Birthday - August 5, 1995
Diagnosed with diabetes date - August, 2001
Registered name: AKC CH/UKC GR CH BeSota's Spirit O'Land O'Lakes.

Brooke is a bright, lively, spirited girl who developed diabetes at 6 years old.
Her show career was fabulous and she "wow"ed everyone who saw her. 
Now spayed and 8 years old, she manages with her diabetes very, very well. 
Her spirit and personality have not been diminished at all. She loves "toys" and 
protects them from her canine housemates. Brooke's favorite place in the daytime 
is on the rug in front of the fireplace with her collection of toys all around her. 

Sally Bedow
BeSota American Eskimos
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