Bertie and Brooke

Brooke and Bertie

Look at Me I am a Movie Star!

What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?

Albert DonnyBrooke aka Bertie
Breed: Maltese
Weight: 10.8 lbs.
Born: 5/22/95
Diagnosed: 1/9/99
Dosage: Iletin I, 4 units twice a day (will have to change when I run
out of Iletin in November)
Syringe: B-D ultra-fine short needle
Food: Hill's Science Diet t/d in the morning; r/d in the evening
Developing cataracts: gets drops on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
How has the diagnosis of diabetes in Bertie affected your life?
When, at three and a half years of age, we learned Bertie was diabetic
we were devastated, trying to prepare ourselves to lose him to the
Rainbow Bridge.  A poor introduction to giving insulin shots nearly
sealed his fate.  However, Bertie has a Guardian Angel, named Helen, who
taught his Mommy & Daddy how to give shots without hurting him.  Yes, we
don't go to the theatre or other social events as much as we used to, and 
we really plan ahead rather than live spontaneously.  But, anything we have
to do is well worth any effort if it keeps our boy with us, keeps him healthy
and happy.  His diagnosis taught us to truly treasure each day with our fur
kids, a lesson well learned that we have taken to heart.


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