My Boodley has his angel wings . . . . 

Angel Boodley

Teekay Drinking Mate a.k.a. Boodley came into the world on the 26th December, 1989.  His mother was 'Kahlua' and his father was 'me Cobber'so being that his mother was a drink and his father was a friend, he became Drinking Mate.
My grandson Zac was a baby at the time and had been given the nickname Boodley. Our little Drinking Mate was named after Zac. 

Zac and Boodley in 1992

Boodley at six months

Boodley at eight months!

Over the years Boodley grew and matured into a beautiful dog and became a champion.  He had the most beautiful nature and he was a rock in the midst of the 'pack' of Australian Terriers. 
I no longer show and breed and the last of Boodley's line is his granddaughter Buffy who became diabetic after a severe bout of pancreatitis in 2004. This led me to the Rainbow Bridge Group and the wonderful people who frequent the list, providing friendship and support.

In later life Boodley had problems with corneal ulcers and gradually became blind and unfortunately he also became deaf.  But that didn't stop him.  I always said he could smell food at 50 paces and when he wanted attention he would head-butt my legs. In response I would pick him up and place my chin on his head and talk to him in a deep voice.  That way he received the vibrations of my voice.

20th of March 2007 at the grand old age of 17 years and 3 months we had to help Boodley over the rainbow bridge.  On the day he left the grandsons took turns to sit with him as we waited for the vet to come. He lay quietly beside them content with their company. None of them could remember life without him.

Zachary, now 18 years old, lowered our little man into the ground in a special garden. He lies next to his very good friend Sam the cat who died in November at close to 18 years of age.

Zachary had always said over the years that Boodley was his 'brother'and I know that he was very sad to lose his old friend, as were we all.

When I went out Boodley would wait patiently for my return by the front door. No matter how long I was gone he would always be there when I came home. 
Even though there are five little Aussies filling up my life and my heart with so much love, there is a hollow space filled with sadness where he used to be.

Boodley with his Mum Kahlua and the rest of the litter.

Where do you go
My Twilight Son?
Beyond the Rainbow Bridge
You run,
You are roaming Wild and free
Beyond the rainbow
Without me.

And you run, my Twilight son...

But when the day is all but done,
And the bells have all been rung,
And the songs have all been sung..
When you run, My Twilight Son

You run with me 
Your footprints Are embedded
In my heart.

Josephine Tuckfield 2007

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