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Of Owners and Their Pets with Diabetes Mellitus


Boo was my very first foster boy when I started doing Maltese rescue 7 years ago.  
He had been in a home where the teenaged son and his friends used him for a 
football—even now he is terrified of feet, but has finally stopped biting them.  
I realized pretty quickly that he needed a lot of love to make up for the hell of his
previous life and that he was not going to be a “foster” but MY boy.  For the first 
6 months he was here, he sat at the window with his paltry pile of dirty old toys
and watched for his family to come for him.  For the next 6 months he isolated himself.
 He would let me feed him and pet him but was really pretty non-responsive.  
Finally, at about year two he started to understand he was home and loved. 
He is the dearest, sweetest, most loving and patient boy in the world, 
which turns out to be a very, very good thing, because he has never 
once fought his insulin shots, even when they have hurt (mom’s fault!).

Boo was diagnosed with diabetes in February 2002.  
He had lost weight and was peeing an awful lot.  I was talking to a friend who
had a diabetic dog and she told me to check his urine with diabetic test strips. 
I did, and he went to the vet that very day.  His blood glucose was over 500 
and he had the beginning of ketosis.  We started him on a diet of w/d wet and dry 
and 5 units of insulin twice a day.  We got his bg’s down with numerous increases
in insulin (up to 12 units twice a day), but never really got him well regulated.  
After many, many tests, x-rays, etc., we learned Boo also had Cushings, 
even though his Alk Phos never was elevated and he had no hair loss.  
He did have quite a belly, but that wasn’t a “new” thing.  He was “loaded”
with Lysodren and is now on maintenance.  I have the “old” Boo back.  
He plays with his toys, is full of energy, and always has a kiss for me. 
Boo is now 13 years old (not really old for a Maltese) and I am hoping that he
will have a wonderful happy and healthy life for many, many years.  
As for me, I am ever so thankful that I have had the support of folks 
on this list and the Cushings list
likely neither Boo nor I would have survived without that help.


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