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Rainbow Bridge June 27, 2005

Mary's first letter to the email list giving some background information.
Subject: My Baby - Blazer
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 14:41:35 -0400

My name is Mary and my dogs name is Blazer. 
He was just diagnosed with doggy diabetes the other day. 
Today was the first insulin shot.
I waited for him to eat this morning and he was sick, before the shot. 
So I waited a little while and he ate again. So I figured I should wait until he 
had kept the food down before I give him the shot which I did. 
But since then he has been sick two more times. I am sooo worried about him, 
I am sick myself. I know that he was just diagnosed, and I know I need to give
it time before we can get used to this, but I really feel like I am loosing him already.
I know that I need to stay positive, but it is hard. He is going to be 9 years old 
and it is very hard of just the thought of him not surviving this.I have tried to call 
my vet a few times today but he is now at lunch and I have had no responses 
from him yet. I have found your websites very helpful the past few days,
but I felt the need to e-mail you directly. Are there any foods that you 
recommend that are good for a sensitive stomach as well as diabetes? 
What is safe for me to give him that is table food that he may keep down? 
I know that this e-mail may seem a little out of order and confusing, but that is 
how I feel. I am so worried. I would really appreciate any advise that you
may have for me. I have also attached a picture of my love for you to see. 

Thank you,
Mary Frye Sousa

February 3, 2004

I just wanted to send you an update for Blazers page! Thank you!

Blazer has been doing very well since his diagnosis in August. We have had a couple of scares 
since his diagnosis especially when his keytone count was extremely high back in October. 
He has also gone completely blind in both eyes. But when I tell you this has not stopped him
from getting where he wants to go, I speak no lie! He is still on high alert for the mailman on a 
daily basis and I swear if the door wasn't there, the mailman would not be a happy camper!
Blazer also has a new baby brother! As he was in the hospital for his keytones, 
Mom was in the hospital having his baby human brother. He doesn't leave this baby's side! 
In fact I think that he has become more protective even being blind! And I am also proud
to say that Blazer just celebrated his 9th birthday on January 25, 2004! 

I always knew that I loved this dog more than anything, but since this has happened,
I think that I appreciate him more and I take advantage of every moment that we still have
together. Right now we need each other, and I am here for him 100%. He is one of the 
best things that has ever happened to me! Having my Blazer with me still, means more
than anyone can imagine! I just pray everyday that he will still be here 
when my son is old enough to remember him. Blazer, I LOVE YOU! 

Mary, Blazer and our new precious baby!!
Baby Miguel is named after his Daddy Miguel

A picture is worth a thousand words!!

 Blazer's Rainbow Bridge Page 

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