A Canine with Diabetes Mellitus
What Could Be Sweeter Then a Diabetic Pet?

Yep this is me "Blaze" when I was just a widdle baby!
It was love at first sight 
as I gazed upon this beautiful solid red ball of fur!

 He was an 8 week old male Pomeranian puppy 
that looked just like a little stuffed teddy bear. 

I knew he was exactly what we needed as a final addition to our home, 
which already consisted of two Pomeranians (a red w/ cream male & a red 
w/ white female), plus two Persian cats. He was perfect & I was right!
  What a wonderful addition he has been!

 His name is Blaze
 As years have past, Blaze is the last of my "five originals". 
He is now 10 years old. 

There have never been any health issues with him until September 2004. 
He began to consume tons of water & was having accidents at night, 
which he had never done. I thought he may have diabetes,
unfortunately hurricane Ivan was on his way to Florida. We had to
leave town, then wait another few days before a vet clinic had
electricity in order to see clients again.

The diagnosis came on September 21, 2004. I found this website
on the 23rd! Thank God is all I can say! It has truly been a roller coaster
ride each and everyday since. With the help, encouragement and advice
of these wonderful people we are making it through the ride! 

It is now April 2005 and Blaze is still not regulated. I home cook his meals 
& home test his sugar levels. He is so very cooperative! His vet said 
if I wasn't doing the home testing, Blaze would not be with me
now due to all the ups and downs with his blood glucose levels. 

We are on our second insulin type & he has been to the ophthalmologist
with uvitus, which fortunately we caught early and was taken care of
with drops. No permanent damage occurred. He no longer is able to
wear his long, beautiful coat, due to lack of hair growth, so we keep 
him Lion Cut which suits his personality!

Blaze has truly become Mommy's Baby since diagnosis, always at my feet or
in my lap! He was a very independent boy and never a lap dog before. I even
let him sleep in bed with me sometimes, which he never wanted to do either.

Diabetes has not been easy for us, but we are looking forward to 
things getting a bit more under control and the time we have together. 
Hopefully many more years!

 It may continue to be a long road we have to travel, but however long 
or winding, we will continue to make the journey, "Blaze & I" together.

I will do what has to be done, to allow him to have a wonderful life while here
on this earth and know that one day he will be waiting, with wagging tail to 
greet me on the other side with the four who have gone on before him.

Many thanks to you all!!!!

Kellie & Blaze 

Blaze's Photo Album

Blaze, Flame & Fauna

Basking in the sun by the Pool!

Don't you just love watching Animal Planet!

Flame My First Pom

Fauna My Second Pom
My name is Waldo and if those Poms start breaking these balloons
I will email Judy to get even by doing something to their pictures!!
I love my babies and don't you
think that my tail is Beautiful!
My tail is nicer then Blaze's...
meow meow meow

My name is Sterling and I just go and hide and have a nice Cat Nap.

Yep no doubt about I am "The Man" 

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