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Of Owners and Their Pets with Diabetes Mellitus


My name is Blackie,and I'm almost 8 years old.
They say I'm a Pomeranian/Pekingese mix,but I look like a Pom.I went 
to live with Mom and Dad just before Christmas when I was 7 years old.
Mom says I was the best Christmas present she could have ever gotten! 
I love cookies and treats,but the doctor said I have to lose weight.
I'm constantly asking Mom and Dad for treats,but they only 
give me diet snacks now that I have diabetes.At night when they go to bed 
I go down in the basement and work on a robot I'm inventing that feeds me 
treats 24 hours a day,pets me whenever I want and even picks up my poop!
I hope to be famous some day.I was really thirsty and going out a lot and my folks 
took me to the doctor.I found out I'm a diabetic doggie.I take 
insulin injections twice a day,which isn't so bad because that means 
I can eat twice a day,plus cookie treats when my folks allow.I'm a 
very happy boy and was so glad  they adopted me.

Blackie's Family Album

Mom, Dad & Blackie

Blackie is the Middle Man!

Blackie hamming it up for the camera. 
He's Cathy's American Canine Idol!

Blackie's Brother Miles Gherkin 

Blackie is really much blacker but I lightened the picture 
so we could see his features better.
Here is the original picture showing his real colour.


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