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June 16, 2003
It was such a pretty day yesterday, she sat on
the deck bench patiently while I took her picture.  :)

Toward the end of April she was to the vet for a yearly exam and rabies
booster.  Not long after that we noticed she was really slowing down,
not so interested in things anymore.  She was drinking tons of water and
needing to urinate so often.  Plus, it also bothered me that she was
losing weight in spite of a healthy appetite..  I made an appointment
with our vet for May 28.

Bernadette was diagnosed with diabetes on May 30, when the test results
showed a blood glucose level of 524.  After almost a week at the vet's
office during the daytime, her insulin dosage was established at 8 units
morning and night each day.  She is eating Eukanuba Glucose Control dry
food plus fresh green veggies.  She is a different dog than the sick
girl we started this adventure with on May 30th. She went in to the
vet's for a follow up blood test this past Friday morning, her glucose
level was down to 102.  The vet was very pleased .

Bernie turned 11 years old on June 1, 2003.  I've had her since she was
3 months old.  Bernie had one litter in 1995.  Though never a showdog
herself, Bernie has a champion daughter and grandson.

Although she is feeling much better, her eyesight is failing very
quickly.  I am amazed how fast she is losing her sight, it's worse every
day.  Today I don't think there is much sight left at all.  This makes
my husband and me very sad.  She has always loved playing "fetch" with
her Kong toy.  Tonight it broke our hearts to watch her unaware as it
rolled past her.  Emotion wells up as I write this, 3 weeks ago I knew
next to nothing about diabetes, now I am dealing with a sweet little dog
that can't see because of this disease so new to us.

I need to find out what others have learned in similar situations.  I
want to know what, if any, options there are.  I've heard of cataract
surgery for dogs, but have no idea if this would be something an 11 year
old dog could go through, etc.  I want to know how other dogs (and their
owners) have dealt with impending blindness.

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Susan Morris

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