Canine with Diabetes Mellitus


Bear was born on January 31, 1996 and he came to our home on March 10, 1996. 
We had an irish setter for 13 years and when we had to send him to the rainbow
bridge my husband said never again could he go through that.  It took me 7 years 
to convince him we needed another fur baby (love that term).  Bear is a unique
Bichon Frise, now weighs 21.9 pounds and is not friendly with strangers, 
he will not eat if we leave him, will not eat at the vets.  Bear has been trained 
to ring the bell when he has to go outside to potty, if he has to go really bad
he just bangs the heck out of the bell.

Early November, 2004 Bear started wetting our bed at night, I knew he was
drinking more water but our two adult children and my father had surgeries from
August through September so I did not get Bear to the vet probably as quickly 
as I should have.  Anyway, the vet confirmed diabetes and we have been have a 
difficult time getting him regulated.  Currently he is on 16 units twice per day.  
I now home cook for him and his treats are green peppers and the 
dehydrated chicken that Margo told me about.

Bear's Dad bought his first Harley cycle last year (mid life crisis I tease him) 
so Bear is now a HOG DOG as seen in the picture. 

Thanks to this list and the support of it's members, great resource for us "newbies".

Marian and Bear

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