My Barney has his angel wings . . . . 

Rainbow Bridge September 25, 2003

I'm remembering back two years ago, when our Rosie Lu was first 
diagnosed with diabetes.  I remember, how one person in particular held 
out her arms and accepted us into "her world", how she taught me, 
mentored me, guided me through some of the most stressful days of my life. 
Most importantly, I remember that when our little Rosie Lu made her journey, 
this beautiful - remarkable - loving lady came to be by our side as we said our 
good-byes.  Val and I formed a bond that day, one of those unbreakable solid 
friendships that no man or no event could take away from us.

Weeks down the road, the Pet Diabetes Group held their first auction. 
I remember spending the day with Val and meeting Barney, the Barnman 
for the first time.  I have memories of being amazed with this boy. I have 
memories of knowing the battles he fought, of losing his sight, of the 
ups and downs associated with diabetes and memories of a love so deep...

To Barney

I know there's a reason, you were placed on this earth.
I know that reason was spelled out at your birth.
A remarkable boy, you survived many falls,
And with each one, came a stronger dog, despite the close calls.

When your sight diminished, I think you could still see,
For you graced many lives, with the powers that be.
Your mom shared your stories, your ups and your downs,
And with them she taught us, that life's not about frowns.

She shared your struggles, to give us insight,
Yes, the world lost a hero - in our Barnman last night.

Rest well, my friend - spread those wings and fly high,
Go to all of the platforms that bless our skies,
Sit high on those clouds and know you did your job well..
We'll meet again one day, my friend.. and your story, we'll always tell.
© by Charls Cain 2003 ©

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