What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!

Me? A hunting Dog? I like my pink bows better!!
Bailey came into our lives as a puppy in 1997, making her now 9 years old. 

We lost our 1st Brittany, Brandy, in 1996 at the age of 13, and weren't looking for another puppy since we were still mourning her. But, as fate would have it- we received a call from the breeder advising us of the Brittany puppy she had available. How could we refuse when she told us that this pup was part of Brandy's blood line? We always said that we would never get another Brittany, because no one could EVER replace Brandy. How wrong we were! A dog can Never replace another dog, but they bring their own unique personalities into our lives and into our hearts! 

Brandy was an excellent hunting dog and was my husband's best hunting buddy. Bailey, on the other hand, was a lover of a dog. My husband always remarked that for Bailey to be a hunting dog, he would have to bring the couch or bed along that she so loved to lie on! Brandy loved laying outdoors taking in the goings on. Bailey will only stay outside if people are out there with her. She truly is a people dog! She is such a loveable dog and a wonderful companion. 
As you can see from the pic below, she loves her "stuffy". 

She actually holds it in her paws and "bathes" it every night. 
But, this is the same dog that loves to play catch and "Monkey in The Middle" with that same stuffy! Bailey was a wonderful watch dog. I never had to fear when I was alone with her. She could detect people coming up the street before I could even spot them! We shared so many wonderful times together- and some tragic ones as well. 

In Oct, 2004, the love of my life, my husband of 33 years passed away from cancer. I can't even begin to tell you what an emotional time that was, and still is. Bailey constantly was at my side. She had to know exactly where I was at all times in the house. 

A few months later, I began to notice changes in Bailey. She seemed to sleep more than usual, and started "moaning" often. I actually thought she was mourning the death of my husband. When she didn't improve, I brought her to the vet in January, 2005. 

You all know how I felt when she was diagnosed as being diabetic. 
Not my Bailey! 
How could this be???? 
Did I do something wrong to cause this??? 
Her glucose reading was 494. The vet then proceeded to tell me what would be expected of me. 
A shot???? I'd have to give my baby shots??? 

I was overwhelmed. I didn't know what to think or expect..... That's when I found this group! I did a web search on canine diabetes, and found you!

My first post brought such an outpouring of mail to me. Yep- I was where I needed to be. I asked as many questions as I could- regardless of how foolish I felt.  Here we are, 1 1/2 years later! Bailey went from 60 pounds down to 41. Yes, that certainly is a huge drop, but she seems to be faring well. It took us awhile to regulate her, but she now is at 18 units of Novolin N. In the middle of all this, she also had to have a cancerous growth removed from her hind leg. I think the worse part for her was having to wear the cone! In July, an air show took place near our home. My house was on the flight path of the planes- A 10s, F15s, C5As, and the Blue Angels. I could not believe the level of noise when the A 15 went over. I thought for sure that it was coming thru my roof! Bailey actually crouched in a corner.  Well, call it a coincidence- but Bailey lost her hearing that day. There are certain words we could never say around Bailey.... Bye Bye- cookie- walk- and car. Well, I knew something was wrong when I called to Bailey to go Bye Bye. She never stirred. The vet has no explanation- In order for her to hear me, I have to clap my hands loudly, and motion with my hands. She no longer is the watchdog she once was. I have noticed lately that her eyes are losing that beautiful amber gloss. Her coat has gone thru some changes as well. The vet noticed that her liver enzymes were elevated, but he feels this is due to the diabetes. I have been reading up on Cushings Disease, trying to understand as much as I possibly can. 

 Well, thank you for allowing me to tell Bailey's story. Yes, she has been thru alot, but she still remains the same loving, playful puppy in her 9th year!


Bailey does not have the typical Brittany cut.
She seems to be more comfortable with a shorter cut!

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