A Canine with Diabetes Mellitus
What Could Be Sweeter Than a Diabetic Pet?


Ashley is a Samoyed we adopted from the shelter in July 1996. The shelter
was going through a financial crisis and was the subject of many news
stories at the time. My mother wanted to go "and look". I told her I would
go as long as she knew I didn't want any animals. I was newly divorced and
was raising 2 kids. We went looking. Mom went to the left, I went to the
right. All the way down one row and turned at the end....and there she
was...an underweight, long haired, white dog. I have always told everyone I
don't like small dogs or short haired dogs or boy dogs or brown dogs (yes I
am very picky!). Ashley was none of these. She was named Collette and I
asked to see her. She didn't warm up to me at first, but my mom (which is
funny because she is not her fave now!). Long story short, 2 days later I
picked her up. After a stop for a much needed bath, she came home. And the
first time I called her Ashley, she answered. So she was named and home.

She was the only pet in the household for a while until Beau (a short brown
haired boy!) came home. Once my daughter asked for a hamster the population
explosion started, but Ashley was always in charge.

Ashley gained some weight about the time she turned seven. The vet told me not 
to give her treats and to not feed her so much. He didn't listen when I told her I 
didn't give her teats or feed her table food. By March of 2004, Ashley had gotten
very weak in her hips and I thought we might have to put her to sleep. Then we 
started finding puddles. My vet tech daughter was in school at the time and took
Ashley's urine to class that day. She called me from the lab table to tell me she
thought Ash was definitely diabetic. I took her to Kerry's work that night for tests.
When the tests came back 2 days later, Kerry called and told me to get Ashley 
to her immediately. I called a friend who actually picked her up at home and 
took her to the vet. She spent 3 days there on IVs and getting regulated. 
She adjusted well to the diet and regulated fairly easily.

She was diagnosed hypothyroid in May 2004 and started on meds. Because her 
thyroid condition is mild, we are very careful with monitoring her thyroid. Ashley
has had a couple of hypo episodes when her thyroid meds need to be adjusted. 
As her thyroid gets under control, her insulin need is reduced also. At one time, 
she was on 18 units of N BID, but now she is on 7. She has lost 20 lbs or so
and is pretty much at fighting weight (about 60 lbs.) She definitely has some
limited vision, but gets around like a champ. She jumps in and out of the car, 
hops on the bed and gets around like a pup. There is a major difference to 
the dog she was last year. And we are very happy she is still with us.

Sharon, Kerry and Ashley Collette Sanborn

It's Ashley's Sugar-versary 
March 12, 2005
One year ago today that Ashley was diagnosed. 
She has been relatively easy to regulate, except for the occasional lows. 
She was up to 18 units of N at one point. After geing treated for her hypothyroid,
she now gets 7 units. Those 20 pounds she took off needed to go!

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